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  1. HumbleHomeCook

    Your thoughts: Venev or Ultrasharp

    Be forewarned, the brick tapping is hard to watch... Okay Shawn, but what can us mere mortals do? :p 😁 (@Deadboxhero )
  2. HumbleHomeCook

    Oy Vey ist Meir

    I was bored and checking out some stuff. You said you might be open to getting them a nakiri. I've become a bit of a broken record but I have the Tsunehisa G3 nakiri (and gyuto) and really, really like it! Dustin has a few with his one-of-a-kind handles...
  3. HumbleHomeCook

    76.6 HCR knife

    WD40 is almost all mineral oil. The other stuff nearly completely evaporates leaving behind the oil. Of course one should wipe it off, but I mean, you'd do that with most any oil right? I can't imagine how many times you'd have to use the knife with traces of WD40 on it for it to even give an...
  4. HumbleHomeCook

    Finding the burr on a compound microscope with a lit mechanical stage

    I personally believe there is an over emphasis on pressure. I essentially apply the same pressure in both directions and have no trouble raising a burr. I'm not saying it isn't worth being mindful of and is no doubt good advice as we advance, I've just never thought it to be as critical as...
  5. HumbleHomeCook

    Oy Vey ist Meir

    As you discovered, sooooo many santokus are sold out all over. Harukaze (made by Tsunehisa) G3 Nashiji Santoku 165mm sold at CKTG would be a good consideration. They also have a Kohetsu SLD 170mm in stock along with a Tsnuehisa G3 Migaki and Tsunehisa SRS13 all of which are in your range...
  6. HumbleHomeCook

    Feeling Saucy...

    I never realized how nice a saucier is until I got one. They really are, I know, shocking, great for making sauces. The rounded corners are so nice.
  7. HumbleHomeCook

    Your thoughts: Venev or Ultrasharp

    Typed my answer and then decided to check out YouTube only to find this: I tell ya, a Big Brown Bear KKF Mass Drop would make me have to strongly consider entering. :)
  8. HumbleHomeCook

    Feeling Saucy...

    I have a 4qt Made In sauce pan and 3.5qt Made In saucier. I love them both and actually use the saucier fairly often. The overwhelming majority of my cooking these days is just for two and honestly, sometimes those two pans just feel pretty big. No question they do the job just fine and...
  9. HumbleHomeCook

    Your thoughts: Venev or Ultrasharp

    I have Ultra Sharp but not Venev. Ultra Sharp represents a good value but you're talking about very different stones. You will have to lap the Venev stones and that is not likely to be fun. Also, I would still recommend some kind of lubricant with either brand, even if it is water so there is...
  10. HumbleHomeCook

    Sub-$250 Sanjo Showdown: Wakui, Mazaki, Yoshikane Reviewed

    Nice write-up. 👍 Call me weird but of the three, I dig the look of the Mazaki the most. :)
  11. HumbleHomeCook

    The Pocket Knife Thread

    Despite their price and the legions of fans, Benchmade actually does not have a stellar quality history over the past 10-15years.
  12. HumbleHomeCook

    KKF counts to a million

    1471 Seriously, every time one of you guys posts that picture... The look on his face and the robe... I just can't help but think of... Thulsa Doom Incidentally, one of my all-time favorite movies. James Earl Jones was truly epic!
  13. HumbleHomeCook

    Whats cooking? **** Making something fine and fancy?** Just plain good? Show us!

    My immediate thought, just looking at it, was, Man, that looks like it would be good on some cod. :)
  14. HumbleHomeCook

    Whats cooking? **** Making something fine and fancy?** Just plain good? Show us!

    So it's Friday night and I have some leftover naan bread from our lamb experiment...What to do...? *Tsunehisa G3 nashiji gyuto with RSK handle Onion cut fine and chunky. *Suncraft Senzo Black bunka A couple slices of deli ham and some other stuff... The chunky onions under a wet paper...
  15. HumbleHomeCook

    Whats cooking? **** Making something fine and fancy?** Just plain good? Show us!

    Awesome my friend! I mean, the awesomeness starts with just getting fresh olives and then carries all the way through! 👍 :)
  16. HumbleHomeCook

    Whats cooking? **** Making something fine and fancy?** Just plain good? Show us!

    I don't know... Indian-ish ground lamb with tomatoes, rice, mint, and a garlic-yogurt sauce. 🤪 So a lot of different spices in here most of them being Indian/Mediterranean inspired (Garam Masala, Cumin, Turmeric, etc.). We don't eat a lot of those flavors and I haven't cooked lamb in years...
  17. HumbleHomeCook

    Famous cooks, chefs, and their knives

    Mario might have wanted a look at more than just Chelsea's knives.
  18. HumbleHomeCook

    First knife purchase

    There's a number of active and former pro cooks who will hopefully weigh in and provide much better answers than I can. But, just in general, I would say to scale back on the purchase and split out or even shift to focus on sharpening first. Learn to maintain your own blades and the world will...
  19. HumbleHomeCook


    If you like dinacoladas and gettin' eyed by the mods...