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  1. panda

    moderation a bit ridiculous lately?

    is it just me or has there been an uptick of overbearing mod activity lately?? power tripping much? jeez.. Except for @bkultra, he's cool AF. Now back to our regularly scheduled posts...
  2. panda

    question for android experts

    i just bought a new phone due to arrive next week. going from a LG V30 to a Samsung S10. how do i transfer all content over to the samsung? ive already installed smart switch app on the LG but some detailed instructions would be nice. i am not a power user and only know basics, any new...
  3. panda

    ikeda different steels

    so apparently he offers every hitachi carbon my question is for those who have tried both, can you compare his white1 and blue1 heat treatments?
  4. panda

    build your unicorn knife

    this has been done before many times, but it's always fun to start a new, besides our tastes change over the years.. profile: mario 250 steel/heat treat: heiji iwasaki grind: wat handle: d shape wat keyaki (doesnt exist but should)
  5. panda

    Withdrawn konosuke white#2 suji 270mm

    mono steel blade with magnolia octogan handle and comes with saya, been used quite a bit but not too many sharpenings so most of the steel is still left. it's a laser slicer, sharpens very easy. it has the most gangster stable patina (like a full dark gray) asking $300 shipped USPS Priority Or...
  6. panda

    WTT trade: aizu for gesshin vitrified diamond

    i have a super awesome tall aizu that i will 100% regret letting go of, but would like to trade it for a gesshin 800 grit vitrified diamond stone. the edge it leaves is 3k-5k dont bother sending me any other offers, it is NOT for sale. will take photos of it tomorrow.
  7. panda

    weird snacks

    Green tea kit-kat my new favorite sweet snack. This stuff is amazing. Gonna try it as a topping for green tea ice cream.
  8. panda

    WTB shigehiro suji 270

    i am looking for a shigehiro suji 270mm willing to trade a konosuke mono white2 270 (with saya) for it as it is a laser and i want a thicker suji instead.
  9. panda

    looking for 2 motivated line cooks in miami

    full time 40hrs/week opportunity available at a private club in Sunny Isles, just north of Miami. small operation catering to members of 5 condo towers. Full benefits available including PTO. lunch only with occasional breakfast orders. dinner service is only on friday and saturday. 9-6...
  10. panda

    this is what happens when you let your cook use your knife

    Heiji lost a battle with baby back ribs.
  11. panda

    anyone know how to make fluffy japanese cheesecake?

    i love the premade ones, would like to try a fresh one.
  12. panda

    DC peeps heads up MAY trip

    i'll be working at the capital hilton from the 6th through the 23rd. when ever i have the chance i will be out having drinks at the hamilton and slurping down bowls of spicy miso ramen at daikaya. but i'd like to try other spots as well so lets link up!
  13. panda

    who's your favorite american football player?

    of all time: sean taylor current: jamal adams offense: lesean mccoy offense latest generation: george kittle
  14. panda

    what are you shooting? (handgun thread)

    i've decided to get a beretta m9a3 with tax money. will be first time owning a gun although i've shot plenty times before. any tips/good-to-knows/etc as a first time gun owner? such as maintenance, potential mods and such.. so ammo is going to get expensive fast, where should i buy in bulk...
  15. panda

    spirit animal

    I might have to change my alias because this..
  16. panda

    WTB heiji 210mm semi-stainless gyuto

    let me know if you're looking to offload one laying around going un-used.
  17. panda

    happy burfday labor of love!!

    let us all wish our resident cajun a happy bday.
  18. panda

    funk food addictions

    what are some stuff you can't get enough off? my bane are japanese gummies (muscat flavored in particular) i eat entire pack at a time and chester's fries flamin hot flavor
  19. panda

    question regarding cork lined knife guards

    one of the two that i have has lost its clasping shape, meaning it is opened up a little bit so that it no longer holds the blade with friction as the slot is too wide now. can this be bent back by sticking it in the oven for a minute? what would have caused it?
  20. panda

    WTS masashi sld 240 gyuto with custom handle

    lightly used in pro environment, i've opted to keep the stock handle and had a custom one made by a friend who does awesome work. the handle turned out so freaking nice that i was tempted to still keep the knife, lol but it's going unused so i'm setting it free. it's padauk handle with brass...