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  1. Tim Rowland

    Winery Chef and Line Cooks (Chateau Elan in Braselton, Ga)

    Hello everyone, I am hiring at the famous Chateau Elan Winery, Located about 45 minutes north of Atlanta, Ga. I am the resorts Chef de Cuisine and am looking for a talented individuals who want to be part of the kitchen team as we grow and expand our capabilities. As a general idea of business...
  2. Tim Rowland

    Rowland Cutlery Finished Projects and WIP

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to show some of my past work and will update this thread with WIP as well. Thanks for looking.
  3. Tim Rowland

    Made the decision to become a Hobbyist Craftsman

    Hi everyone, Been posting on here for a little over a year and lurking for much longer. Bit about me and my background. I have been in a professional kitchen environment in one capacity or another for about 23 years now. I am a father to a beautiful little 2yo girl. I am also a voting...
  4. Tim Rowland

    Another 240mm Honyaki Sujihiki

    This is what I have been spending the last 2 days working on. 240mm honyaki sujihiki in W2 at 63rc wearing curly mahogany and ebony. (Actual edge is 245) Yes I know my photography still sucks especially getting a clear choil shot. 🤷‍♂️ I'm still working on it. Thanks for looking.
  5. Tim Rowland

    New Equipment (Show off your new industrial toys)

    Curious as to what everyone else has added to their kitchens lately. I guess this will be the thread to show off your newest industrial toys. I had to show off my new Rational ovens as I have been waiting 13 months from time of corporate approval in install. Now I just need to figure out some...
  6. Tim Rowland

    150mm Petty

    Got this guy finished up this weekend Blade: 150mm in W2 clayed with Rutland's and quenched in Parks 50, tempered back to 63rc Handle: Maple burl, g10, carbon fiber A little heel relief and a full convex grind. Sorry still working on getting better choil pictures. Thanks for looking.
  7. Tim Rowland

    Honyaki Sujihiki

    Finished this one up over the weekend. 240mm in W2, was clayed with Rutland's Redwood lace burl/faux ivory (elforyn) Exact Measurements: 245mm cutting Edge 420mm Overall Length 37mm tall at the heel 3.3mm spine at the handle 171 g
  8. Tim Rowland

    185mm Nakiri

    Just about finished up on this one. Just need to finish smoothing the choil and add my mark. My take on a nakiri 52100 at 62-63rc African Blackwood, nickel silver, redwood lace burl 3.3mm Thick 50mm Tall 215mm Blade Length 185mm Cutting Edge
  9. Tim Rowland

    Withdrawn Aizu (Found)

    Looking for a "beginner" Aizu for my 1st natural stone. Would prefer something in the US so shipping wont be crazy. If you have something else that would be a medium grit natural stone that would be good for a 1st time jnat user let me know what you have.
  10. Tim Rowland

    Advice on first Jnat

    Ok so I have been using synthetic stones for a little over 20 years. I have worked in professional kitchens for a bit longer. I have been making my own knives for a few years. ......All this to give background to shamefully admitting that I have never owned or even used a natural stone...
  11. Tim Rowland

    100mm Petty Passaround, looking for feedback

    Hi everyone, I wanted to do a simple pass around to gather feedback from home and professional users as I continue to hone my skills as a craftsman. The knife I would like to pass around is a 100mm laser petty. Basic info on the knife: Blade is made of .040" AEB-L hardened to 62rc and given a...
  12. Tim Rowland

    Pictures of some "Quarantine Time" projects

    Hi everyone. Here is a collection of some of the projects I have been able to complete during the past month in between family time. Long Petty with a Osage orange handle, 165mm blade Bunka with a Mesquite burl handle, 175mm blade Petty with a blue dyed Maple burl handle, 100mm blade Small...
  13. Tim Rowland

    Modern Tanto in W2

    As I have been practicing different claying/heat/quenchant etc. with W2 and 26c3 (Spicy White) steel I wanted to share this tanto I recently finished. A few of the photos are before I reshaped the top of the handle. It is a pretty simple tanto, W2 steel with hamon produced by satanite clay and...
  14. Tim Rowland

    Fast Quenching Oils

    So I got to thinking the other day after having a discussion with a local maker about fast quenching oils that are used for steels like (1095/w1/w2/26c3) the standard being Parks 50 and wanted to get some weigh in from other makers on their preference of fast quenching engineered oils. So I...
  15. Tim Rowland

    Multiple Kitchen Positions (Sous, Lead Cook, Cook) Atlanta,Ga

    Hello everyone, I am hiring at the Atlanta Marriott Northwest hotel, Located across the street from the Braves stadium just north of Atlanta, Ga. The hotel that I work for is "going under the knife" Ownership has planned to spend $30 mil+ over the next 12-18 months doing a full renovation to...
  16. Tim Rowland

    165mm Bunka

    I wanted to try something a little different with handle shaping on this one. I have mixed feelings on it. What do you guys think of all the angles? Well its 165mm x 55mm .070" thick AEB-L at 62rc with nitro treatment. Handle is Bolivian rosewood and African blackwood.
  17. Tim Rowland

    330mm tuna slicer

    I have been wanting to tackle a long thin ground slicer for a while now so this is what i ended up with. It is made from .110" AEB-L at 62rc with cryo treatment. Handle is highly figured Nicaraguan cocobolo/green burlatex/African blackwood.
  18. Tim Rowland

    Tall Petty finished up

    Well as I was in between some other projects I decided to do a "build a long" knife from one of the youtubers that I subscribe to (simplelittlelife) he designed the blade shape and I liked the design as a small prep knife for at home users. I guess you could call it a tall petty or a...
  19. Tim Rowland

    150mm Honesuki

    Just finished this one up. It was my 1st try at one. I think i might go with slightly thicker stock on the next one. 150mm from 3/32" 52100 at Rc 61. African Mahogany and black canvas micarta.
  20. Tim Rowland

    Just finished up a Filet knife

    Hi everybody, just finished up this filet knife a few days ago and thought that I would share. Blade: 6.5" long x 1" tall at the heel. AEB-L with cryo treatment, HC of 61, super flexible with a full height grind on .040" stock. Handle: Angular shaped Bethlehem Olive wood with black micarta pins...