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  1. why-am-i-bleeding

    In your opinion which blacksmiths heat treatments stand out to you?

    +1 for Munetoshi W2 Gihei W2 is also pretty sweet
  2. why-am-i-bleeding

    SOLD Kaeru WH 210.

    Love my 180! This is a great deal. Kaeru is a real sleeper. GLWS
  3. why-am-i-bleeding

    WTS Takamura Chromax 210 Gyuto

    One of my favorites for precision work. GLWS
  4. why-am-i-bleeding

    Moritaka or Takeda Sujihiki? This thread is certainly worth a read. I'm going through a very similar process with a 240mm Moritaka AS gyuto but I love it
  5. why-am-i-bleeding

    Ikeda or Fujiwara

    2 knives is better than one
  6. why-am-i-bleeding

    SOLD Kaeru WH 240

    U know i want those sweet, sweet distal taper specs
  7. why-am-i-bleeding

    WTS Ohira suita uchigumori - deluxe

    I think about you when I buy powerball tickets
  8. why-am-i-bleeding

    Techniques Home "ham"- Brined & smoked

    Bone-in, skin on half shoulders weighing in at about 11lb ea
  9. why-am-i-bleeding

    Hi from Tomba!

    Hello and happy hunting
  10. why-am-i-bleeding

    Techniques Home "ham"- Brined & smoked

    I get the best results by way of brining for 4 days > smoke 4-6 hours > finish in a 190-200*F oven for ~10 hours (overnight). I put the hams in a hotel pan with about 1/4" of water in the pan and wrapping the pan with plastic wrap and foil. This is from 700g salt, 720g brown sugar, 84g pink...
  11. why-am-i-bleeding

    Whats cooking? **** Making something fine and fancy?** Just plain good? Show us!

    Spot on, those are vin blanc poached pears with shaved fennel, grated pecan dust and a horseradish-buttermilk dressing
  12. why-am-i-bleeding

    WTB Munetoshi 240 gyuto + butcher + petty

    Title says it all. I have the 210 from JNS and would love to complete the collection. Based in the US. TIA Edit: also having some Jnats (huge umajiyama, wakasa, binsui, narutaki shinden namito) I'd be willing to trade as well as a Gihei blue 2 nakiri if anyone is interested
  13. why-am-i-bleeding

    Holy ****...

  14. why-am-i-bleeding

    New knife with best performence

    This guy is a legend in the making...
  15. why-am-i-bleeding

    Whats cooking? **** Making something fine and fancy?** Just plain good? Show us!

    Hot Honey Porkchop with smoked sweet potatoes and toasted marshmellow fluff. Ooooooowweeeeeee this was a good one