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  1. Hassanbensober

    Sharpening Setups/Kits

    Some of them. Years worth of madness. Totally have a handle on it now though 🤥
  2. Hassanbensober

    WTS Salem Straub for sale

    Stunning knife! Great deal.
  3. Hassanbensober

    SOLD Kippington Left-Handed 240mm Work-Pony Gyuto

    This tested my no knife buying for a while oath this morning big time! Congrats to the lucky buyer.
  4. Hassanbensober

    SOLD Shiro suita with base

    Dropping this to 230$ shipped
  5. Hassanbensober

    Shipping overseas from US

    Shipping to other countries is no problem. It does cost more and take longer. The only issue for me is the receiver in most cases doesn’t want you to declare the actual value of the item for duty purposes. So I’m some cases you’ll be shipping a item with no insurance attached. If this package...
  6. Hassanbensober

    First Jnat, how do I evaluate my stone.

    Personally I would only use 140 atoma plate to flatten a stone. A plate that aggressive will create a very rough larger particle slurry that could have bad results polishing. You could go cheap on the flattening plate but you want something nicer to dress the stone before use.
  7. Hassanbensober

    SOLD Isasmedjan honyaki 225 UHB20c

    Hello friends I would like to sell my Isasmedjan honyaki 225 in UHB20c. I am the second owner and I believe this was made custom for a member in Europe. I acquired the knife in a trade involving a couple blades. I haven’t used this much at all and have only sharpened on natural stones. It’s a...
  8. Hassanbensober

    SOLD Shiro suita with base

    Accepting reasonable offers on this nice stone. Thanks
  9. Hassanbensober

    SOLD 215 Heldqvistsmide 20c wrought

    Hello friends I would like to sell my gyuto made by Tobias Heldqvist. I bought the knife from a member here in December. I have spent a ton of time preparing and flattening the bevels of this knife with both synthetic and natural stones. The bevels on the knife are now flat and will be easily...
  10. Hassanbensober

    Uchigumori, what do you expect from a good one?

    Is there any chance that the stones your having trouble with aren’t perfectly flat? I had trouble with one of mine for the first couple months I had it. I routinely marked off the top and lapped it with a plate until clean. This did not get it completely flat. Try marking the stone with...
  11. Hassanbensober

    SOLD 210mm Kato STD Gyuto

    Ridiculous good deal here! I don’t get it. Someone should get it
  12. Hassanbensober

    SOLD Kasfly sandpaper holder with box

    I I don’t hate it I just don’t use it. Just cleaning my apartment is all. Don’t need this.
  13. Hassanbensober

    SOLD Kasfly sandpaper holder with box

    Hello friends I would like to sell my kasfly sandpaper holder with box. I just don’t use this and it failed to click with me. Any knife I put on here ultimately needs to go back on coarse stones anyway. Will include what sandpaper I have laying around also. Thanks 120$ shipped in the USA...
  14. Hassanbensober

    SOLD Shiro suita with base

    Hi friends I would like to sell my nice heavy chunk of shiro suita. I have recently replaced this stone with a larger okudo bench stone that is similar in looks hardness and grit so I haven’t used this one for a while. It is fixed to a base and sealed on all sides with red cashew lacquer. Stone...
  15. Hassanbensober

    Show your work! Uchigumori and co...

    Brought out some really awesome banding on this modified shigefusa santoku. I find if I try to go any finer then aizu or koshiji the details instantly are lost and hidden. Finally a whole morning I can just goof around with knives:)
  16. Hassanbensober

    SOLD Hinoura ajikataya 240 and Hinoura petty 150

    Hi friends I would like to sell these 2 kurouchi knives by Mutsumi Hinoura together as a package. Both knives have been used and both knives have some scratches. The 240 was purchased here on bst. It arrived to me tipped so I fixed it with amakusa. I have since flattened the bevels for...
  17. Hassanbensober

    SOLD Ohira uchigumori with base

    Thanks for the interest and inquiries everyone. Stone is SPF