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  1. tgfencer

    WTB Dalman HSS 270

    Don’t know if anybody on here ended up with this knife but if so, I’d be happy to make a deal.
  2. tgfencer

    God Stone? #1 Awasedo. Kiita, Maruka. In Nakayama, Kyoto. Size 36 x 67 x 207mm. Weight 1,290g. Finest finishing stone, 1.622μm. Hardness: 64HSD. Price: JPY1,800,000 In stock Google tells me that 1,800,000 JPY is about $17,398 USD.
  3. tgfencer

    WTS Tansu, Raquin x2, the Nine

    All knives shipped CONUS, USPS Priority. Given the cost and state of postal flux, I'm not looking for international sales at this time. Open to trade for Raquin gyutos in the 225-235mm range or any of Yanick's knives. Tansu stiff boning knife- $400 175mm 52100, stainless clad Ringed gidgee...
  4. tgfencer

    Withdrawn Raquin 250

    Hey folks, I picked up this Raquin a few weeks ago and looking to trade it on. Interests are primarily another Raquin (225-230 gyuto or a nakiri), or a Yanick Puig gyuto (240-260-ish). It's been lightly used, sporting a bit of patina, but not sharpened. PM me with questions or offers. Cheers...
  5. tgfencer

    WTB Rader Slicer/Gyuto---Tsourkan Scimitar

    Hey folks, I know both of these maker's knives are rare birds, but if anyone has one collecting dust (or better yet, a used blade they're no longer using) somewhere we might be able to work out a deal. Also willing to throw out some entertaining trades +/- cash if that's appealing to folks...
  6. tgfencer

    WTB Silverthorn 6" Boning Knife- Also Carbon Bullnoses

    Hey folks, I'm looking for some used SIlverthorns. Several of my work colleagues like mine and I'm just testing the waters to see if there are any sitting around in drawers gathering dust. Don't mind the condition, provided it's not been sharpened down to a twig, as long as the price is right...
  7. tgfencer

    SOLD Jnat

    Green/Asagi finisher, 210x80x40-45, $615 This was sold to me as Hatahoshi branded, for whatever that's worth. I've had it for 5-6 years I think, so one of my earlier acquisitions which tells you a little something about how highly I rate it. Price is what I paid back in the day and I can say...
  8. tgfencer

    WTS Marius Smide Cleaver and Gyuto

    Looking to ship in the US only for the time being. Priority shipping, paypal, etc all included. Would be open to trades for one of Yanick's knives, a big Tansu or potentially a Catcheside. Marius Smide Cleaver- $550 A beast of a cleaver. Just enough weight to fall through stuff without being...
  9. tgfencer

    Kiyoshi Kato 240 Standard Gyuto Passaround

    Alright, so this brand new knife sorta fortuitously fell into my lap very recently. I need another 240 Kato like I need a hole in the head, so I really bought it just to keep it "in the family" as it were. I found the recent Jiro passaround a rather instructive experience so I thought letting...
  10. tgfencer

    SOLD Suita stones and koppas

    Shipping included in the US. Feel free to PM me with any in-depth questions you may have. Suita Iromono- 200x75x40-$750 An addendum: this one came with a very, very faint Hatanaka stamp and half of a label that is often found on Hatanaka stones. There are photos of both in the files, but they...
  11. tgfencer

    WTS Yoshikane, Shigefusa, Y. Ikeda

    All knives shipped free in US. International buyers pay shipping. Yoshikane Damascus SLD 270 Gyuto- $530 Very lightly used, a very light patina from cutting sweet potatoes the other day while testing the edge for sale. Fantastic cutter and great dimensions, you could prep for hours with this...
  12. tgfencer

    Show us your favorite handles

    Knife makers and handle-makers have come and gone quite a bit the last few years. Let’s show some love for all the craftsmen out there by posting up our favorites whether they be golden oldies or the new kid on the block. Here’s a few of my top handles to get us rolling... JNS burnt...
  13. tgfencer

    New Apron Suggestions

    Anybody got a favorite apron to recommend? Need a new one now that I've about a half dozen holes in my old one. Leaning toward heavier duty canvas or maybe leather for dual purpose use. Cheers.
  14. tgfencer

    SOLD Raquin

    Selling this Bryan Raquin gyuto w/saya, as I just find myself reaching for my 320mm Raquin more due to the profile. The saya is also from Bryan. I am the second owner, knife has been sharpened once in my possession. Asking $600. Specs: Length-275mm Heel height- 56mm Weight- 224grams Grind-...
  15. tgfencer

    Comet Appreciation Thread

    With the news that Trey is moving away from full time making, I thought it might be nice to start a thread showcasing his knives in our community. I only have the one, but it’s a beast. 300mm gyuto in 52100, tapered ebony handle, zero flex.
  16. tgfencer

    WTB Rader

    Hey guys, looking to source a Michael Rader gyuto. I'm particularly interested in gyutos 250mm or longer in length. I'm willing to buy or trade +/- cash. Cheers, Todd
  17. tgfencer

    WTS Jnats

    Two up for quick sale, shipped free in the USA. Shoot me a message with any questions. Namazu tomae-205x95x60- $325 - Super large, full of beautiful namazu. This is a solid pre-finisher, perfect for setting up for that final polish or leaving an edge that has a good hint of refined...
  18. tgfencer

    SOLD Halcyon Forge Nakiri

    Just received this beautiful nakiri from Joe today, made from 1.2519 and wrought. Super stunning etch on the wrought and an excellent buckeye burl handle with blackwood ferrule. This is the second knife I've had from Joe, and he rarely makes nakiri, but it's just a tiny bit short for me. Looking...
  19. tgfencer

    Fresh Chili Pepper Recipes

    So I'm rolling in fresh chili peppers this year (mostly serrano, thai birdseyes, cherry hot, habaneros). I'm frankly running out of ideas for using them all. Anybody got any recipes that use large amounts of fresh peppers or any good sauce/relish/pickling recipes that are good for canning and...
  20. tgfencer

    MTC 20% Sale

    In case anyone is interested, MTC Kitchen is doing 20% off storewide on most items. Just popped in there a week ago when I was passing through NYC and met forum member Greg who works there. Cool guy and an interesting store.