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  1. Dave Martell

    Price Increase Coming - Chance to Save $$$ on Martell Knives

    Hi everyone, It's been a while since I posted in my forum, just a busy person these days. And yet as busy as I am I'm finding it ever more difficult to turn a profit with the crazy rising costs of materials/consumables, as well as the increased communication times, and a stagnated pricing...
  2. Dave Martell

    SOLD The Ultimate Sinkbridge by Kasfly (CZAR Precision)

    BNIB - NEVER USED - STILL WRAPPED in packaging with desiccant packet! This is a brand new, never used before, still in wrapping Ultimate Sinkbridge by Kasfly (Czar Precision) for sale. See The Ultimate Sinkbridge by Kasfly (CZAR Precision) for product specifications. Selling only because I...
  3. Dave Martell

    Knife Ban - Switzerland???

    Hi folks, I've got a situation come up that I hope someone here can help with. As many of you know I'm working with Stefan Keller's estate executor Diane. She just contacted me to tell me that a knife she shipped over to Switzerland had been returned to her labeled as "Rejected by Airlines...
  4. Dave Martell

    Bread Knife?

    I've been asked to make serrated bread knives for years by many people and I always answer with a "sorry - not going to happen". I feel like this type of thing is a small market but maybe I'm wrong, what do you folks say? If I was going to make them I would basically serrate a suji. That'd be a...
  5. Dave Martell

    Wa Handle Construction - Martell Knives

    So this is mostly a post for the other makers out there having issues with making wa handles......but maybe my customers might like to see it too? It's common for most (wa) handle makers today to use a dowel internally to provide stability/security while shaping the handle (off knife). This...
  6. Dave Martell

    Carter's Honest Edge Ranch
  7. Dave Martell

    Vintage Forgecraft Refurb & Rehandle

    This vintage Forgecraft was the closet to being ineligible for a refurb job that I've done so far. The profile showed over-sharpening/over-steeling in front of the heel. The blade faces were worn down to the max with the brick pattern stampings almost completely removed. Lots of scratches and...
  8. Dave Martell

    K&S Handle Install

    This customer sent me a replacement handle that he purchased from James over at along with his knife, to have me perform the handle exchange/upgrade. The handle is made from ebony, has a blond buffalo horn ferrule, and is K&S' "heart shaped" configuration. And what a nice...
  9. Dave Martell

    Covid-19 & Martell Knives

    We are still sharpening at our normal quick turnaround times, experiencing no delays! :cool: For knifemaking, handle work, major repairs/mods I'm limiting (for the foreseeable future) what I'll accept so that I don't get ahead of...
  10. Dave Martell

    Covid-19 Sharpening Time?

    So now that many (most?) of you are at home waiting on becoming sick maybe it'd be a good time to get out your knives and stones and put some practice sharpening work in? If nothing else you'll stave off boredom and get those knives sharp again. :)
  11. Dave Martell

    American Hand Made Copper Cookware
  12. Dave Martell

    For Sale - 300mm Sujihiki - top of the line!

    300mm Wa Sujihiki in 52100 - Summit Collection! This knife is made to our Summit Collection standards! To Purchase> See Model - Sujihiki Blade Length - 300mm Steel - 52100 (high...
  13. Dave Martell

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year you bunch of k-nuts!
  14. Dave Martell

    Soldering Bolsters

    Not many makers do this these days and that's because it kinda sucks to do. Lots of extra work, and gobs of frustration while learning, but it gets easier each time it's done. I LOVE the end results so it's worth it to me to do it once in awhile. The picture shows the joint still rough...
  15. Dave Martell

    For Sale - 220mm Wa Gyuto - 52100 - Laser - Japanese Handle

    THIS GYUTO IS ONE OF THE BEST BUYS THAT I'VE EVER PUT TOGETHER! Model - Gyuto Blade Length - 220mm Steel - 52100 (high carbon ball bearing steel) Blade Finish - Hand Sanded Finish Grind - Convex Hardness - Rc 62-63 (with cryo) Height (at heel) - 51mm Weight - 5.4oz (153g) Handle - Recycled...
  16. Dave Martell

    For Sale - 240mm Wa Gyuto in 52100 with KnivesandStones Handle

    >> KnivesandStones handle! Model - Gyuto Blade Length - 240mm Steel - 52100 (high carbon ball bearing steel) Hardness - Rc 62-63 (with cryo) Height (at heel) - 55mm Weight - 8.2oz (232.5g)...
  17. Dave Martell

    Three (3) 52100 Gyutos with KnivesandStones handles for sale!

    I just put these up for sale! Three 52100 gyutos wearing pre-made handles from James over at KnivesandStones :cool: Please see for details
  18. Dave Martell

    Browser Alternative

    I've been looking for a browser that is as good as Chrome and until last week I had come up short. Enter.... They say that's it's really great for mobile users but I can only speak for desktop. Not only is it faster than Chrome, it's supposed be more secure, through cookie blocking and all...
  19. Dave Martell

    July 4th Sale!

    25%OFF on our Japanese Knife Sharpening Class To save $100 - Use Code: July4th25%OFFSale
  20. Dave Martell

    We make the blade - you make the handle....

    For the handle maker/aspiring knife maker we offer ready to handle knife blanks. Email for details.