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    Suji and Gyuto recommendation

    Need some recommendations for my prep cook. Ideally I'd like to get him a 240 gyuto and 270-300 suji, semi or fully stainless (his choice), mid weight, thin behind the edge, easily available in the US, easy to sharpen but great retention. Back slicing and push cutting is the technique for...
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    Thick Gauge Stainless Rondeau

    Anyone know of a heavy duty 20-40 qt commercial grade braziers/rondeaus, stainless lined with a 2.5 mm plus wall thickness, preferably warp resistant?
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    London / Liverpool recommendations?

    If I can swing it I'm going to London next week for a few days and then to Liverpool for the Merseyside Derby to support The Reds. I'm looking for restaurant and sight seeing recommendations please. Thanks lumo
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    lumo's inventory

    Took inventory and pics after I decided to let some gear go for sale...figured I'd share...sorry in advance for the not so great pics. Hiromoto
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    Rodrigue Mid Techs

    $300 each shipping included in the US. I don't have a paypal account but can discuss alternative options thru PM and postal money orders are welcome. Very clean, test cuts made and maybe a light sharpening on the lighter handled one. As mentioned in previous posts they are nimble...
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    260-270 work gyuto rec

    I’m in the USA and looking for a Wa Gyuto, but would settle for a Yo Gyuto, right handed in 260mm-270mm length. Stainless, semi stainless or stainless/ ss clad would be ideal with a $400 budget. This would be used in commercial kitchens for chopping, slicing, brunoise vegetables, fast bulk veg...
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    WTB SS 270-300 suji

    One of my prep cooks fell in love with my minty Western handled HD 270 suji so I caved and sold it him for a song. Looking for a replacement, laser like the kono HD, work knife for meat and some fish fabrication so semi stainless would be great but not necessary.
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    Mioroshi or Deba

    I’ve always used a 270 suji to take down fish. Last year I wanted to try a 210 deba and it just isn’t for me, but I’m sure it’s me. If you all think a mioroshi is a good alternative please recommend one and why. Thanks What type of knife(s) do you think you want? mioroshi deba Why is...
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    Cleaver and Mental Help!

    For whatever reason I have this anxious want for my first cleaver. Most of my knives are carbon, I slice backwards and basically slide the tip of the knife back and forth, rarely do I ever chop, unless I'm cutting something firm. I would want this cleaver for slicing vegetables, perhaps...
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    Another Hello from Red Sox Nation

    Hi Everyone, Very happy to find this forum in my research for better quality kitchen knives. I'm a corporate chef based out of Boston with the good fortune to have Italian, modern French and Latin inspired restaurants to play with. We try and let the ingredients speak for themselves...