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    22 pounds of chuck

    I've gone and done it again... I went to Costco to find a shoulder clod or chuck roll and came home with a 22 pound chuck roast, whatever that is. I'm not too good at telling massive hunks of beef apart. My plan is to get it in the egg around noon on Friday. I'm thinking it will take at least 22...
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    16 pound pork shoulder

    I just picked up a 16 pound boneless pork shoulder. I havent smoked a piece of meat this big. how long should I cook it? what temp? I'm using a big green egg. I know I could look this up online, but I thought it would be more fun to post it here. pics when the spice rub is on.
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    I finally found my perfect knife!

    Thank you Wusthof! http://
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    sharpening with DMT

    For those of you who prefer to sharpen with diamond plates, I have a few questions. What do you feel the advantages of diamond plates are? What diamond plates do you sharpen on? Are there any special techniques for sharpening on diamond plates?
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    best stone for toothy gyuto edge

    I'm looking for a new finishing stone for my gyutos. I have some in white steel and O1, cpm154, skd11 etc. Currently I'm using a bester 1200 and lightly stropping the edge on a jks 10000 or rika to refine it just a little and remove any large burr. While I'm getting good results, I'm wondering...
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    kikuichi and remedy for sale

    I have a couple of knives for sale. A kikuichi carbon sujihiki 270mm and a remedy gyuto 240mm. The kikuichi was used in the sharpening olympics and sharpened by murray carter. Im asking $125 shipping in the US included. The remedy is made from cpm154 and takes a nice edge. The profile is...
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    carter sword

    Has anyone seen murray's latest sword. un-high-grade-yanagi-ba-ebony-wood-handlewater-buffalo-horn 17" double beveled yanagiba. I dobt need obe, but i think it would look awesome hanging in my wall.
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    Monzaburo Honyaki

    Does anyone here have a Monzaburo W no.2 honyaki gyuto? If so, how do you like it?
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    all-clad vs demeyer

    My dad is planning to have an induction cooktop put in and he wants to spend some big bucks on new cookware. He can't make up his mind between the Demeter Atlantis line, all-clad D5, or all-clad copper core. I'm trying to convince him to get the all-clad copper core, but I'd like to know what...
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    which steel

    I didn't think I'd ever ask this ... My dad enjoys using his T-I Sabatier and I want to get him a nice steel for Christmas. He's currently using a zwilling 10" steel. I'm thinking something in the 12" range would be better for his 10" knife. I am looking at f.dick but I don't really know what...
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    GUSTAV EMIL ERN Can anyone tell me about this manufacturer, history, quality, etc?
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    winter squash and pumpkin recipes

    I need some good winter squash/pumpkin recipes. I would prefer savory recipes over sweet.
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    akifusa, hiromoto for sale

    I have an Akifusa 240mm PM steel gyuto for sale. I also have a Hiromoto Aogami Super steel gyuto in 240mm. Both have been used lightly at home. I am asking $170 for the Akifusa and $130 for the Hiromoto. I will include USPS Priority shipping (US and Canada) in the purchase price. I will accept...
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    newbie oiling handles

    I have a dumb question. What is the preferred product for maintaining the appearance of unstabilized wood handles? Is there some type of wax I should buff it with? Like bee's wax? Should I treat it like a cutting board and use mineral oil/bee's wax. Should I rub it with tung oil periodically...
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    Crazy Dull

    Have you ever sharpened a knife that would not get sharp? I just spent 15 minutes on my girlfriend's cheap-ass, chinese-made chef's knife. I went through a full stone progression etc. I noticed while deburing that it would make one slice into the cork and quit--dull as a butter knife. I added...
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    new shun fuji

    Anyone see the new Shun Fuji line available at Williams-Sonoma? Looks like the altered the shape of the gyuto for this line, sg2 core, textured cladding. $399.95 yikes!
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    best way to remove scales?

    I think I'm becoming a wood addict and I have a bunch of knives I'd like to re-handle. What is the best/easiest method to remove pre-existing knife scales? Also, as I have no prior woodworking experience, what is the best wood to start out with i.e. most forgiving, easiest to finish etc.
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    Konosuke HD Yo-Gyuto - First Impressions

    As posted on Kitchen&Knife, yesterday morning, with updates. ... This morning I went down to the post office to pick up the package - It arrived so quickly! It's been about an hour since I've opened the expertly packed knife - Japanese news print was a nice touch! As I held the knife I smiled...
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    konosuke zdp-189 gyuto

    Anyone see This konosuke zdp-189 gyuto? what do you think? :cool:
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    Ashi Hamono 240mm Yo-Gyuto

    Hi Jon, I've been eyeing the Ashi gyuto for some time now. I was wondering what your thoughts were on the knife, ease of sharpening, edge holding, blade geometry and performance, etc. I'm assuming the blade material is AEB-L and considering it's at 58 rockwell I don't what to expect. I assume...