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  1. tgfencer

    SOLD Ohira Renge Suminagashi Suita

    Definitely my old one then, though maybe there were some members in-between us. Glad to see her still looking good. (Jnats are female, right?)
  2. tgfencer

    Knife findings

    Ooph. The want is strong with this one. At one point I had almost ten 300mm gyutos. A slightly absurd size, but it calls to me all the same.
  3. tgfencer

    SOLD Ohira Renge Suminagashi Suita

    About 99% sure I bought this one from Shinichi once upon a time and it's a great stone. Good luck trying to get an ohira suita from Watanabe or any other retailer in this price range these days.
  4. tgfencer

    WTB Boning Knife / Kono ko-sabaki / Shi.han petty

    What are you cutting primarily?
  5. tgfencer

    Unpopular opinions

    I've chosen all the wrong professions.
  6. tgfencer

    Anyplace where restaurants are doing well?

    Yeah, not sure where that stat comes from. Raleigh/Durham and Charlotte have a bunch of banking/tech/university/medical jobs so I think they throw off the curve somewhat (not sure if they're counting salaries in that wage calculation or not). Where I live in the mountains, the economy is largely...
  7. tgfencer

    Anyplace where restaurants are doing well?

    Yeah, people just want to get paid fairly, have benefits, and work in an environment of mutual respect. If unemployment is a better way to make a living than actual jobs, then the problem isn't truly with unemployment benefits. Not to mention that NC is a notoriously difficult state to get and...
  8. tgfencer

    SOLD Heiji 280mm Gyuto

    Carbon or SS?
  9. tgfencer

    The Pocket Knife Thread

    I've got a half a dozen or so Opinels. They're scattered around my house, car, and work. I am constantly losing and finding them again. For $10-14 (and no plastic) you can't really go wrong.
  10. tgfencer


    Maybe don’t go casting aspersions with zero evidence. It was a basic knife drawing with free entry, which was certainly more work for the seller than just listing them on his site. I highly doubt anyone set out to screw anyone else over. Let’s all just move on with life.
  11. tgfencer

    Knife findings

    Kaiju lottery sign up now on AiandOm's Instagram page.
  12. tgfencer


    Kaiju lottery sign up now on AiandOm instagram page.
  13. tgfencer


    Pretty much every piece of mail I've had shipped USPS since the turn of the year (or really even last year) has not updated properly, despite the service or tracking purchased. That said, all have been delivered, so be patient because I don't expect it to change anytime soon unless someone in...
  14. tgfencer

    Wanting to get into JNATS

    The forum search function is your friend, there have been many threads on starter jnats. Also you can peruse this for a little more info:
  15. tgfencer

    Show your newest knife buy

    Aww, hello old friend. I had to get back on Rob's list not long after I sold that one. Hope you're enjoying it.
  16. tgfencer

    Cris Anderson - 1-15-21 Update

    Curious as to whether folks who have outstanding orders have received their knives and/or refunds yet. Just noticed he was selling blades on IG.
  17. tgfencer

    What tool would you use to dig out toxic lines from a jnat.

    Yes, some inclusions are fine to sharpen on. Usually these harmless inclusions are softer than the stone around them and the steel you are working with, meaning they don't cause any problems.
  18. tgfencer

    I think I’m going crazy

    Honestly, Jon's 6k diamond has kinda blown my mind. And this if coming from a longstanding jnat guy who gets lovely edges from my stable of natural midgrits and finishing stones. The 6k diamond edge has great bite and yet still that hint of refinement for more slicing oriented tasks. I believe...
  19. tgfencer

    Why honing rods DON'T WORK - a video

    Depends on what you do in the kitchen and what kind of time you have to sharpen/hone. For instance, I'm a butcher and I use steels when my knife is covered in blood and fat because, while I keep some stones/various strops at work, I'd have to 1) wash my knife/hands, 2) sharpen my knife, 3)...
  20. tgfencer

    Massdrop for KKF?

    Stop teasing us with that HSS 😭