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    Welcome, and good luck in your search for your ideal 240 gyuto :)
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    There's definitely a lot of great info to take in :) Welcome to the forum!
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    There's definitely a lot information here to learn from. Good luck, and welcome!
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    New to the forum

    I joined for essentially the same reason. Welcome to the forum :)
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    New member from Spain

    Spain was one of my most memorable trips. Welcome to the forum :)
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    Good luck going down the rabbit hole! I have a friend near Adelaide -- beautiful :). Welcome to the forum!
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    Hello from Madison

    From what I know, sharpening knives are definitely different than sharpening razors. Welcome and good luck in your dive down the rabbit hole!
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    Hello All

    Welcome! I've been to Ukraine -- beautiful country. I'm sure you'll find tips for choosing kitchen knives here :)
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    I was in the same position. Welcome to the forum :)
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    Love Cooking

    Good luck with your search! I'm sure members here will help you find your perfect Japanese artisan knife. Welcome to the forum!
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    My first post there :)

    I'm in the same position -- knives and honing have really caught my interest lately. There's a lot to learn here, for sure. Welcome!
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    Hello from Portland

    Fellow long time lurker and recent member here too! Lol. Welcome :)
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    Hello from Germay

    As an Eastern European, I agree! European knives interest me too :) Welcome to the forum!
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    Checking in from Maryland!

    I'm definitely the same way, there's a lot to read! But I feel interaction allows for a lot more learning. Welcome to the forum!
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    Hello from Israel

    Awesome collection, and ugh, I've always wanted to visit Isreal. Weclome to the forum Shay!
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    Hello from Atlanta

    Quality kitchen knives are definitely works of art. Welcome to the forum Robert!
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    New poster

    I was the same way. Read and lurked a lot here, now I'm a member! Welcome :)
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    Hello from the greater Philadelphia region

    We're all here to learn! Here's to olive oil, salt and knife science!
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    Hi fellow Canadian! Welcome :)