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  1. Dave Martell

    Recommend a stone holder
  2. Dave Martell

    Gallery- Martell Knives

    That was all the customer's good taste.
  3. Dave Martell

    Price Increase Coming - Chance to Save $$$ on Martell Knives

    Thanks to all you guys who placed your name in my book. It's great to know that I'm still wanted. ;)
  4. Dave Martell

    Gallery- Martell Knives

    Here's a 225mm Martell gyuto that's bound for Australia. Made out of CPM-154 steel with a handle constructed of "Licorice Twist" poly with a G10 ferrule. :cool:
  5. Dave Martell

    Price Increase Coming - Chance to Save $$$ on Martell Knives

    Hi everyone, It's been a while since I posted in my forum, just a busy person these days. And yet as busy as I am I'm finding it ever more difficult to turn a profit with the crazy rising costs of materials/consumables, as well as the increased communication times, and a stagnated pricing...
  6. Dave Martell

    Gallery- Martell Knives

    You're not going to like what I have to say about rehandling those knives :oops: Thanks for the kind words though!
  7. Dave Martell

    Gallery- Martell Knives

    Thanks! I really love figured maple, I wish I could talk more people into letting me use it. Not only is it inexpensive, from a maker's perspective it works nice, it's strong, and looks great often giving more movement (chatoyance?) than wood that costs three times as much. It can also be dyed...
  8. Dave Martell

    Gallery- Martell Knives

    This new handle is made from a highly figured maple, streaked buffalo horn, and G10 spacers. It's mounted on an older Martell petty that was accidentally dropped on the floor and had it's original handle break in half. Hopefully this new one will have better luck in it's future. 😜
  9. Dave Martell

    Super Suien cleaver

    To impress you Jay, with all your years of knife experience, that makes me happy! Thanks for the chance to do something different.
  10. Dave Martell

    Larrin's CPM MagnaCut stainless supersteel

    This is legacy stuff right here. Congrats to Larrin & Devin!
  11. Dave Martell

    Diamond Spray & Felt - Now In Stock

    I haven't even checked on this stuff for ages.
  12. Dave Martell

    Gallery - Re-Handles

    Here's a Hiromoto AS petty with a brand new handle I just made for it. The wood is maple burl and the pins are nickel silver. :)
  13. Dave Martell

    Belt sanding tips

    @ian, what size platen do you have? Give me the dimensions and your address and I'll send you the answer to your problem. ;)
  14. Dave Martell

    Gallery- Martell Knives

    I've been doing customs for some time now but when I can I'll have knives at either my site or at DistrictCutlery.
  15. Dave Martell

    Gallery - Re-Handles

    Today I've got a 160mm nakiri to share that has a brand new handle I just made for it. :) The handle's wood is a really nice piece amboyna burl that was selected by the customer and is attached to a buffalo horn ferrule along with nickel silver/copper/G10 spacers. As you can see in the...
  16. Dave Martell

    Wa Handle Construction - Martell Knives

    Today I was putting together a handle that's going to be mounted onto a small 160mm nakiri that has a pretty small tang. Because the tang is so small, and the handle will not be large, I decided to use only a single 3/8" dowel for internal support. This brought up yet another issue that I had...
  17. Dave Martell

    And so it begins...

    Really nice work on this handle. I LOVE how the green layers are laid out and how they really "POP"!
  18. Dave Martell

    Sharpening... Ice Skates?

    Skate blades have two edges because the middle of the blade is hollow ground. Here's some info on the subject...