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  1. why-am-i-bleeding

    WTB Munetoshi 240 gyuto + butcher + petty

    Title says it all. I have the 210 from JNS and would love to complete the collection. Based in the US. TIA Edit: also having some Jnats (huge umajiyama, wakasa, binsui, narutaki shinden namito) I'd be willing to trade as well as a Gihei blue 2 nakiri if anyone is interested
  2. why-am-i-bleeding

    Watanabe ordering

    Curious about ordering a pro line gyuto directly from their website. They're closed until April 30th so in the meantime I'd like to work out the kinks in the ordering process. Anyone have any advice / pointers? Thanks in advance
  3. why-am-i-bleeding

    Mandoline slicer blade upgrade

    Howdy friends. I've been using my extra-wide Jumbo Benriner mandoline for a while and I absolutely love it, however the blade needs to sharpened about once a week. Apparently Shun made a mandoline with VG10 a while back but is no longer in production (likely due to the outrageous $400 price...
  4. why-am-i-bleeding

    Howdy y'all from North Carolina

    I like metal sticks and big smooth rocks. Sous Chef in the RDU. California transplant, still have most of my teeth. Lurker for a while, finally taking the plunge