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  1. timos

    Customs and stuff

    heres a 26c3 carbon steel blade I am getting ready to go on tour....and a potential handle mockup. The steel is 2mm thick at heel, not a workhorse, its a laser type, more for "ooh, wow, fun" cooking at home. Not that you couldn't use it for work but, yeah its on the flexible side...
  2. timos

    Customs and stuff

    I can take on a custom order chef knife with something like a 1 month turn around If anyone is interested please message me.
  3. timos

    Currently Available

    Hello, This knife here was supposed to be a super clean and classy build, however the corby bolts I used had very deep (too deep) blind bores on the female ends. To my dismay the holes were visible as I shaped the handle...I tried to fix by inlaying mosaic pins but It did not work out. So...
  4. timos

    Currently Available

    Model: Adventure Model Steel: AEBL @ RC 62 w/ cryo temper (by Jeff Mutz) Handle: Tapered tang w/ 8th dimension concepts cast acrylic/ aluminum honeycomb substrate Pins are g10 and mosaic hollow pin. 4" of sharpened edge Blade finish: rough belt finish w/ visible belt marks. This is a...
  5. timos

    Currently Available

    Thanks marc! Ive been enjoying your IG feed for awhile now. Cheers!
  6. timos

    Currently Available

    Both Sold
  7. timos

    build your unicorn knife

    ohh wow, ok my unicorn is something that needs to exist but def doesnt, just like a "real" unicorn? Salem Straub high contrast mosaic damascus cladding with a spicy white core, western handle with a black timascus frame handle type construction , bog oak scales and bog oak saya with...
  8. timos

    Currently Available

    Thanks bro! the honeycomb handled one is sold.
  9. timos

    Currently Available

    Specs: steel: 15n20 source: reclaimed bohler uddelholm bandsaw steel Heat Treat: Jarod Todd @ RC63-64 Finish: fine scotchbrite with forced patina 165mm edge length x 37mm tall at heel Balance point @ Ferrule Spine and Choil chamfered Cutting Geometry: fine distal taper, convexed bevels, edge...
  10. timos

    Customs and stuff

    To take custom orders or not to take custom order....that is the question! LOL, ok. Here is a pic of a completed project that begin spring of 2018. Thanks for looking!
  11. timos

    Misen chef's knife redesign

    thats what..8mm taller at the heel? its a totally different knife!
  12. timos

    Expenses for Makers

    funny, I just did the math yesterday to see what it would cost me to maintain the same level of health insurance if I only made knives. Lets say i made 100 knives a year , I would need to build in $300 into each knife...just for health insurance. o_O But lets say an established knifemaker is...
  13. timos

    Kramer auction starts

    This reminds me alot of the kitchen knives in David Boye book "Step by Step knife making - you can do it" from late 70's There is a chef knife in there with an etched whale motif IIRC ... a resist is applied to blade, a pattern drawn in the resist and the whole thing etched. Also like Hoss...
  14. timos

    The infamous Masamoto KS

    my POV is strictly from a maker and not so much a user. I cant speak to the edge retention or ergonomics. What I thought was so cool about the ONE knife i was able to study and measure was the symmetry. Im good with calipers...been reverse engineering used samples in the conveyor industry...
  15. timos

    Currently Available

    Thanks! the next two have western handles with synthetic materials.
  16. timos

    Currently Available

    these no longer available.
  17. timos


    Hi , Im a knifemaker from Oxford, MA , I grew up in New Jersey. Ive been making kitchen knives since 2012 and been slowly, very slowly learning how to cook. Its become my favorite hobby and much of what Ive learned has been through knife forums and talking with customers etc. Ive been a...
  18. timos

    Currently Available

    Greetings friends. Please let me know if you have any questions :) Specs: steel: 15n20 source: reclaimed bohler uddelholm bandsaw steel Heat Treat: Jarod Todd @ RC63-64 Finish: fine scotchbrite with forced patina 165mm edge length x 37mm tall at heel Balance point @ Ferrule Spine and Choil...
  19. timos

    Help: Bulk-cooking lunches for the week

    my 5 year old just finished up day care/ pre school. We ended up using a bunch of those tiny little rubbermaid containers packed into her lunch box. We would just cut up celery, carrots, fruit, cheese, lunch meat, sometimes bread. Basically just a healthier version of a lunchable. Thats...
  20. timos

    Handle Makers - New Handles Too Smooth