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  1. ethompson

    Show your work! Uchigumori and co...

    Lots of polishing lessons learned between my first attempt with this Takeda and today - thanks nearly exclusively to the veterans on this forum. After 2 years of daily use/abuse on cheap poly-boards in a commercial kitchen and a couple chip repairs, it has lost 7-9mm in height. Now that this is...
  2. ethompson

    Whats cooking? **** Making something fine and fancy?** Just plain good? Show us!

    All the stores are out of flour, so I ordered some from a local mill. Since it’s much nicer than what I usually use, I figured I’d try my hand at some 100% whole wheat sourdough. Definitely trickier than a standard white loaf, but I’m happy with the results.
  3. ethompson

    Show your work! Uchigumori and co...

    Sure! Shapton glass 2k, Shapton glass 4k, King super 6k, Ohira Uchigumori (my only J-nat).
  4. ethompson

    Show your work! Uchigumori and co...

    Used some of this extra time at home to finally put my kiritsuke to stones. This knife hasn't had an easy life - its been tipped multiple times (by me) and "sharpened" by less than capable hands (not me, until now). Stuck to the higher grit stones as this was my first time sharpening a...
  5. ethompson

    Discoloration while polishing

    I’m just starting my first single bevel project and came across something I didn’t expect, so figured I’d run it past the more experienced members here before continuing. While working the primary bevel on an uchigumori, I noticed a change in the smell of the slurry and when I wiped down the...
  6. ethompson

    Show your work! Uchigumori and co...

    Got an uchigumori from Nutmeg over a month ago and just now had a few moments to play around with it. Nothing like most of the polish work here, but I’m fairly pleased for my first go-at-it. Tried it out on my used and abused Takeda nakiri and got this finish after just a few minutes. Can’t wait...
  7. ethompson

    The Perfect Hanky Panky?

    I love a Hanky Panky. As others have stated, 0.25 tsp is roughly 2 dashes. For gin any London dry will do, but I enjoy typically make it with Fords (my go to). I'd also suggest using Martini & Rossi for this. People often eschew Martini in favor of Carpano, but M&R is a much more versatile...
  8. ethompson

    Like a naughty schoolboy

    I really love my Takeda nakiri for this. Nothing can fine dice or julienne an onion like it. Also have had great results with on potatoes - steak frites is one of my favorite meals.
  9. ethompson

    Show your newest knife buy

    First NKD in over a year thanks to ashy2classy and BST - 270mm CKC Mazaki.
  10. ethompson

    mazaki knives

    Does anyone have the CKC 270 nashiji? Wondering just how beastly it is.
  11. ethompson

    Hello from Houston

    I've been lurking for awhile and finally have decided to start contributing. While I am not a chef, I do work in the business side of the industry and am an avid home-cook.