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    Goals achieved 2020, Goals 2021

    Goals achieved 2020: Dalman AEBL, Xerxes, Raquin, Yanick, Gravier, Kippington, Kato, Shig Kitaeji, Mazaki Damascus, Manaka Blue 1, a good TF Denka, Tanaka R2 ironwood, and Jiro. There are other knives which were pleasant surprises in being able to buy but weren't goals. A very fulfilling year...
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    How to Make a "Cookie Dough" Forge

    How to Make a "Cookie Dough" Forge I thought this was interesting and perhaps useful for some of our amateur knifemaker members.
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    What would a perfect set of Denka look like?

    So many TF fans here only discussing about the perfect Denka. What about a perfect set of Denka. Anyone try to collect such a set? What would you look for in assembling such a set?
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    Just a few good friends of tchan001

    I'm starting this thread to display my collection. Hope you guys like it.
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    What movies with a cooking theme would you recommend?

    Just wondering what movies you would recommend with a cooking theme. There must be tons of these movies around, but what are the good ones?
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    Why Shaving Dulls the Razor (Science article)
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    Kung Fu Chefs full movie on YT

    Bumped into this while cruising YT.
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    A pleasant rediscovery

    Back in 2014, I had bought a petty from an up and coming knife maker from another forum. I had only recently started collecting Kitchen Knives back then and had bought what was described as one of his early works. Recently, I was looking back at some of the knives I had bought in the past and...
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    Public domain cookbooks

    Found a whole library of old public domain cookbooks for anyone interested in trying recipes from long ago.
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    Hello from Hong Kong

    A newbie but really enjoy the beautiful knifes posted on the threads. Hope to learn more about kitchen knives and to start collecting a few too. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and your beautiful pictures.