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    WTS Wakui and Kochi

    I’ll take the Wakui.
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    Which knife should I buy (Takamura R2 oriented)

    I own a Takamura VG10 Migaki (and a VG10 Tsuchime petty), and it’s currently my favorite knife. I’ve also used a Gesshin Ginga, and it’s probably the only knife I like better, although that was a wa handled 240mm. The Takamura has a good grind and geometry, it is lightly convex on both sides. It...
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    Hello all

    Just joined today. Started out wanting to upgrade my cooking experience for my birthday this year. Found some other knife nerds and got started with a Fuji Narihira 240mm gyuto. That lasted a few weeks before I bought a Kintaro white#2 210mm gyuto. Now I’m trying to learn what I can about knives...