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  1. jwthaparc

    Sharpening Stash Thread

    I though you guys might like to see my current sharpening setup. I basically keep all of my stones, plus anything else that goes along with finishing, fixing, and sharpening any kind of blade. I bought this case/luggage from a yard sale for 10 bucks. Worth every penny. I keep sandpaper in...
  2. jwthaparc

    This is the internet. Where are the cats?

    Calling all cat pictures! She likes to lick the blanket Here is a pocket knife for a reference size. She is a big cat, not really fat, just big.
  3. jwthaparc

    That food release though.

    Skip to the very end.
  4. jwthaparc

    Rika vs Shiramine

    I'm having a hard time deciding between these two stones. I've heard good things about the rika. I was wondering what you guys would recommend. How close is there grit to each other? Just to add something else I'm also looking at the naniwa hayabusa 4000.
  5. jwthaparc

    Should i thin my bonin knife?

    I have a cheap Mercer boning knife made with x 30 cr13 steel (fairly soft I'm sure). Its getting to be pretty thick I'm thinking it's about time for a thinning. Is it worth it you think?
  6. jwthaparc

    What tool would you use to dig out toxic lines from a jnat.

    The title pretty much says what I'm asking. If you need more info ask anything. I would really like to find something good for precisely digging out inclusions from my aoto, and need some feedback on what to use.
  7. jwthaparc

    What a wierd day.

    Season 600 is getting a bit odd.
  8. jwthaparc

    I need to vent.

    So some have you have likely seen me around, and likely have seen me mention I sharpen knives on the weekends for cash. What has me so resentful right now is an incident that happened what could have been at least a month ago, maybe longer. So I was sharpening a customers knife, when another...
  9. jwthaparc

    Shapton ha no kuromaku 1000 first impressions.

    Now that my chosera 800 is nearing the end of it's life. It was time for me to start thinking about replacements. Seeing the overwhelming love for the shapton 1000, it made it too tempting to not buy. Especially seeing the price when compared to my beloved chosera. It finally came in from...
  10. jwthaparc

    Finishing on 2 different grits

    I heard in a thread recently that there is a japanese maker that likes to finish one side of the bevel on a medium grit stone, and the other on finer grit stones. The idea being, it having both refinement, and bite. I thought it was pretty interesting. Has anyone actually given this a try? I...
  11. jwthaparc

    Friday Advanced Sharpening Livestream.

    I recently started watching the knifewear livestreams on youtube, and have been enjoying them quite a bit. Especially the friday knifenerd/advanced sharpening stream. So I thought maybe you guys would too. The knifenerd stream is every Friday at 4pm mountain time I believe. They have a guy...
  12. jwthaparc

    Thinning, Grinds, and Food Release

    So a recent thread got me thinking about food release a bit. What would the optimal grind to go for when thinning be? Convexed on both sides? Convexed on the right face flat on the left? Both flat? How convexed, if so? What difference does any of it make? I have heard convexity aids in food...
  13. jwthaparc

    Stone Burial Ground.

    RIP my coarse boi. You grew to thin for this world.
  14. jwthaparc

    Stones recommendations for high HRC, and vanadium carbide steels.

    So its christmas time, and I may just have a bit of extra money to buy myself a couple presents. So I thought why not get some stones that can help me sharpen those super tough modern steels. I find that my I run into a bit of trouble with my current stones when I have to sharpen one of these...
  15. jwthaparc

    Another question about a stone.

    So in my down time sometimes I like to search Amazon, ebay, and various other sites for stones, and knives etc just to see what I can find. I stumbled across this: Naniwa Grit Waterstone (Whetstone) #4000 Finishing (Honing) with Stand while I was looking around just now, and a few things got me...
  16. jwthaparc

    Yoshihiro whetstones.

    Has anyone tried the yoshihiro brand whetstones? I see them from time to time, and always wonder about how well they actually work. I have only seen information come from the company themselves about them. Does anyone own these, or heard anything about them? At the very least they have a nice...
  17. jwthaparc

    How do i chip fingerstones off without messing up the stone?

    I just got a renge uchigumori koppa in, and would like to make some fingerstones with it. At the same I would like to not completely ruin it in the process. It seems like it will be a great stone in a progression from tanba aoto to my asagi finisher. Any advice how to do this correctly would be...
  18. jwthaparc

    Glueing together a broken synthetic stone.

    Has anyone here ever epoxied together a stone that cleanly broke? I dropped my chosera 800 flat on its face the other day, and it cracked in two halves. It's still in the base and works fine, but the two pieces are slowly starting to have a little wiggle room the more I sharpen on it. I'm hoping...
  19. jwthaparc

    This pocket knife I fixed at work the other day.

    I work weekends at an outdoor flee market type thing sharpening knives. Its not the best paying thing in the world, but I love doing it. Anyway this guy comes up with this ckrt knife with a giant chip in it, it must have been 3mm deep. I really wish I took a picture of it before I started...
  20. jwthaparc

    Does anyone have any experience with permasoaking a kitayama.

    I'm hoping I can hear from someone that has tried it. I'm having trouble actually finding people talking about how it affected the stone. I don't mind permasoaking it. I have a few stones already soaking so it's not much of a big deal for me to do. Thanks. Edit: screw it, I'll throw this in...