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    A Yo-handled knife for my girlfriend

    Chromax, IIRC, is a highly refined variant of A2 tool steel? SKD-something? Takamura also does two VG10 series (IIRC, one just called VG10, the other Synergy). Probably the best choice for a gentle rock chopper. For any use except careful pull cuts or very light push chopping, do overhaul...
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    Maximizing Edge Retention – What CATRA Reveals about the Optimum Edge

    I have had carbon edges notably degrade through a handful of tomatoes... as in, would easily bite the first and would be erratic on the fifth... sure it is a myth? Or is there reason to believe the tomato skin is just so damn tough it works as an anti-strop?
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    Brass and other alloys in handles

    @ThEORy and what if ... omg... the farmer touched the produce while readying it for shipment? :)
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    Is this rust bad?

    Toothpaste sometimes works .... when it works, it works well.
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    My neighbor's cleaver just kicked my ass

    @Benuser as a German, I still *want* to believe correctly done 420J2 getting sharper and holding light-use sharp edges better than some 4116 is an illusion on my part :) But the empirical evidence is mounting... But then, there is at least one known maker that made straight razors out of...
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    New IKEA knife - Briljera

    I would doubt the easy to work with part...
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    Brass and other alloys in handles

    @Theory you actually manage not to alternate between cutting and needing both your hands to corral cut food into its place? I admire you pros, without any sarcasm.
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    My neighbor's cleaver just kicked my ass

    Maybe ... but then, they'd make a cleaver in Germany from what they'd make the cladding for a ZEN from in Japan....
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    My neighbor's cleaver just kicked my ass

    @Benuser well, VG10 certainly is a major offender (The perceived speed difference between "freshly flattened" and "used it for a few minutes, while doing some thinning work on a Tojiro ZEN, was about 5:1 to 10:1) ... I did assume a similar effect would happen with "western" stainless too (think...
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    Brass and other alloys in handles

    @Stefan compensation is not contradiction :) Let's hope all the toxic stuff works to the simplified definition of disinfectants: If adult humans become sick when they eat it, and children get even more sick, just think what it does to germs when you make them eat it!
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    New IKEA knife - Briljera

    In Germany, they secure the knife with a chain and blunt them. The 365+ series has something nicely Volks-Global about it.... And it looks innovative (the exact design is new) while that Briljera thing looks kind of been-there.... Kind of "Don't Wakoli do something very similar?" ....
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    Maximizing Edge Retention – What CATRA Reveals about the Optimum Edge

    Wouldn't BESS style measurements taken after testing repeated *impact* on wood layered with some substance of edible texture be far more relevant than cardboard cutting....? ... How long does the edge on the cheapest kind of yanagiba (420J2 steel) last, once decently sharpened? ...
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    Youtube AWESOME! Yeah, I know some would consider this knucklehead material - but I am amazed that he kind of made it work!
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    Brass and other alloys in handles

    There is also some intentionally added lead in some stainless steel types. Not the stainless types commonly used for food gear (which do not tend to be machined unless it is hardened steel, and the lead is added to improve machinability of mild stainless if I understand correctly) - but there...
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    My neighbor's cleaver just kicked my ass

    In my experience, the Chosera 400 needs to be very frequently cleaned (eg with a cheap carborundum stone) when abrading large amounts of modern stainless.... clogs faster than it renews itself.
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    Wedging when cutting two celery stalks

    The ends of rhubarb stalks share that kind of physics for some reason...
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    Counterfeit knives

    "Rosenbaum and Breitenbach knife cases" Oh yeah. There are so many scrap brands using names that sound like traditional german forges.... that these actual traditional german makers get overlooked. For shame.
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    What Really is so “special” about the $300-3000+ knives!?!

    And then you meet an ingredient (fresh lotus root) where even a Takamura will not beat a Kiwi (usually available in the same places that sell lotus roots, and for less than a pack of lotus root!). I noticed in regions that grow wine, there is an undercurrent of "if it is €5 and great wine, it...
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    We're Doing It All Wrong!

    "executive produce" - freudian slip?
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    Slate for sharpening

    Given that glass hones are said to work, why shouldn't slate?