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  1. YG420


    Damn night shifts! Always wanted a burke! Congrats to the seller and buyer of this awesome knife!
  2. YG420

    WTS Catcheside sc125 193mm Forged Geometry Gyuto

    “I been had that knife, you dont remember?”
  3. YG420

    WTT trade: aizu for gesshin vitrified diamond

    Man thats a clean a$$ aizu!
  4. YG420

    SOLD Maumasi 235 Gyuto

    SOLD! Thanks kkf!
  5. YG420

    SOLD Maumasi 235 Gyuto

    Up for grabs is this unicorn of a knife for me, Maumasi 235 gyuto. Pretty rare for a Maumasi to come up and even more rare in that Mareko doesnt make too many san mai knives. This knife has the best in hand feel ive ever experienced in a knife. The handle is super comfortable, the best ive used...
  6. YG420

    Youtube AWESOME!

    That guys a legend, Im glad they came back to record another video of him. Id like to see him and chef Hiro Terada go heads up chopping blinded folded.
  7. YG420

    Has Shigfusa finally reached it limit?

    I think theres a bigger difference performance wise between wa vs yo handle. My yo handke has changed my stance on shigs in a good way.
  8. YG420

    Valgard's gear

    Its been a rough week for sure...
  9. YG420

    Valgard's gear

    Great pickups!
  10. YG420

    Favorite custom by western maker

    Theyre the definition of workhorses. Great food release and great heat treat
  11. YG420

    Favorite custom by western maker

  12. YG420

    SOLD /WTT Genkai 330 yanagi

    Beautiful hamon there
  13. YG420

    I have 2 knives stuck in customs

    Yea ive had this happen a few times. Very frustrating and gives me anxiety for sure, but at the end of the day they all managed to make their way home, even after close to 2 months in some cases. I think theres a link on the usps website where you can escalate things, but it never worked for me...
  14. YG420

    Name that one most underrated knife

    Forgot to mention kochi too
  15. YG420

    HSC3 pass around gyuto

    No worries, i think its a very well made knife and i do like what ive seen from you so far, its just my preference to have a more upswept nose, but as @Barmoley said, you delivered to his specs perfectly. Im sure we’ll continue to see great things from you soon!
  16. YG420

    Name that one most underrated knife

    Pretty much perfect balance of performance and value. Cuts like butter and food release aint bad. Also sharpens up really quick and nice. And at that time it was priced sub $200 if I remember correctly.
  17. YG420

    Name that one most underrated knife

    Itinomon ss gyuto, miss that knife...
  18. YG420

    SOLD Mizuno Tanrenjo Akitada Ao Hagane DX Blue Steel No.1 Suminagashi 240 Gyuto

    Great price! If i didnt have one on order (for way more than this unfortunately for me) id jump on it.