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  1. StonedEdge

    Contact for 'KasumiKev'

    I talk more smack and am much more rude than BigKev by a longshot and I'm still around. Sometimes you gotta call a spade, a spade...or rather... callin' a Dave, a Dave ;) peace be with y'all #freeBigKev
  2. StonedEdge

    Yo-Deba vs Gyuto

    Plus épais qu'ça impossible! XD lolol
  3. StonedEdge

    Yo-Deba vs Gyuto

    nonsense. truth is yo deba are just thick ass chef knives. price has zero bearing on what it is.
  4. StonedEdge

    Yo-Deba vs Gyuto

    use a gyuto. forget the yo deba unless you wanna crack lobsters or split birds. no reason to use a yo deba as a chef knife. u crazy
  5. StonedEdge

    Burrfection's New Knives

    he doesn't believe in keeping stones flat or thinning knives. Guy's a hack.
  6. StonedEdge

    Photo shows results of poor technique--Please Advise

    uneven burr formation means uneven removal of steel, means uneven contact on board. simple
  7. StonedEdge

    Horizontal swipes on onions are overrated

    you guys are over thinking the dicing bit
  8. StonedEdge

    If getting attacked in the kitchen??

    yo deba, paring knife, or parang. depending on situation
  9. StonedEdge

    Machete recommendations

    That's great for the garden but when we're talking acres carrying more than 1 tool sucks. Chainsaws are the best but they freak my dog out, machete makes no noise
  10. StonedEdge

    Machete recommendations

    Here's my parang, a south-east Asian machete variant. Chopping power of a medium axe but in a much more useful shape. I'm located in Canada close to the VT/NY border so I'm assuming we see the same type of brush, trees etc.
  11. StonedEdge

    What were your first three and last three J-knives acquired?

    1st three: Misono Swedish honesuki, Ghesshin Uraku 270 yanagiba Itinomon SS 210 gyuto last three: Masamoto Tsukiji 180 petty, Mazaki 220 gytuo, Evan Antzenberger 240 honyaki gytuo special mention: Jean-José Tritz differentially hardened 450 parang *evil laughter
  12. StonedEdge

    deba for squash knife?

    you definitely just want the thinnest longest blade possible. deba no good for squash, western deba even worse.
  13. StonedEdge

    TF now 20% more expensive

    On the upside, TF now with 20% windier grinds lol.......odd of a dud are high if you don't select it in person. With Knifewear you should also verify that the knife hasnt been used,tested out or otherwise (patina or rust anywhere).
  14. StonedEdge

    No Love for VG-10?

    Because there is no need for it. VG10 is just ok. Deburring it, thinning it sucks bad. Why go for VG10 when there's stuff like ginsanko out there.
  15. StonedEdge

    Looking for a 210mm Deba for Whole Salmon (Questionnaire Attached...)

    Get any decent 210-240 mioroshi deba and be done with it.
  16. StonedEdge

    Sometimes a gamble turns out better than you can hope for.

    Hey PalmRoyale, just wanted to say I agree! That thick Aizu you sold me last year is hands down, absolutely my favorite stone of all. Thanks again!!
  17. StonedEdge

    What are the cool kids using for knife rolls these days.

    People, if having your knives slicing through your knife roll is your #1 issue, you need to stop handling sharp things and pick up a slap chop (and half a brain obviously).