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  1. ecchef

    Hi from Germany

  2. ecchef

    lets talk about FRENCH style scrambled eggs.

    No ketchup on top. Gotta be Heinz Demi-glacé (from the can).
  3. ecchef

    Things that look better than they taste…

    Really? Where do you eat?
  4. ecchef

    New again

    Indeed! Welcome back.
  5. ecchef

    an idea for the BST forums

    Not sure of the best way to implement such a thing, but I agree that it would be very helpful to be able to ’guesstimate’ shipping costs, customs hassle, tax /VAT based on the buyer’s & seller’s locations. I’ve had several deals go south when I had to have stuff shipped to FPO/APO addresses, or...
  6. ecchef

    Greetings from CA

    Welcome aboard.
  7. ecchef

    Forced to end my lurking behavior

    Welcome aboard Dave.
  8. ecchef

    I'm Roberto from Italy

    Welcome, Roberto.
  9. ecchef

    Hello for Portland (OR)

    Welcome from NE.
  10. ecchef

    WTS Devin Thomas Gyuto

    I remember this one. Thought it was the pinnacle of knifemaking then, and still think so now.
  11. ecchef

    WTS Sugimoto 2136 360mm Butcher Knife (New)

    Beauty. I love those giant beasts.
  12. ecchef

    Greetings from California!

    Welcome from SoCal.
  13. ecchef

    How are you coping? What are you doing

    In my hermetically sealed office 08-1630, M-F. For me it’s business as usual, although the focus has changed. They won’t allow me to bring the dog to work though. Working on the ‘emotional support companion animal’ angle.
  14. ecchef

    Hi from Osaka

    Mensorei Shin-san.
  15. ecchef

    So-Cal member comin' in hot. My name is Ryan.

    Welcome from San Diego.
  16. ecchef

    Hello from Manila

  17. ecchef

    Hello from CA!

    Welcome from SoCal.
  18. ecchef

    A falling knife has no handle...

  19. ecchef

    Hi from quarantine

  20. ecchef

    Hello from Wisconsin