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    Whole canned Chickens

    This was a topic a few years ago here with some pretty negative reactions to the subject. So now we are all trying to put in food stocks for a minimum two week stay at home. How does everyone feel about canned chickens these days? I have two and may buy more one at at time. No panic buying just...
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    China, A Cookbook by Terry Tan

    It seems like I've had this on pre-publication backorder for something over a year but the book finally came. 600+ pages with China divided in to regions. I haven't prepared anything from it yet but I thumbed through the entire thing. I'm very impressed. Great color photos and recipes that look...
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    Blade Show West Kitchen Knife Cutting Contest

    Anyone hear how that cutting contest went last night? I wasn't willing to stay late and then try to find some warehouse across the river. Ethan Becker (one of the judges) also would not give me any hints on what they were going to require of the knives. His lips were sealed! :)
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    Blade Show West 2019

    Any one noticed that Blade Show West is having a "Chef's Knife Cutting Contest" this year? I know one custom knifemaker that isn't happy about that. He feels it distracts people from his tactical stuff. :) Blade Show West, 1-3 Nov. Oregon Convention Center, Portland OR.
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    Chicken Genius

    New book, the full title is "Chicken Genius, the Art of Toshi Sakamaki's Yakitori Cusine" by Benard Radfar. Anyone else have a copy? I'm a little on the disappointed side about this one. Very little text, just pages of photos with no serious captions. 30 pages of art shots of Yakitori skewers...
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    Rice Knife Cleavers

    Just back from cooking classes and knife hunting in Penang, Malaysia. Knife hunting was a little poor there but I did find a cookwear shop on the edge of the Chowrasta wet market called "Pots." Along with a very extensive line of Thai Kiwi blades (like everywhere in Asia) they sold a brand of...
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    Made In

    Has anyone else fell for the "Made In" pitch? I liked the red handles and the video make them look like they are really drop forged in a small factory in France. The price was pretty good too. Time will tell if I have been played for a sucker I guess.
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    2019 Oregon Knife Collector's Show

    The show is fast approaching! I intend to put out a couple of Shigs and maybe a few other of my kitchen blades on my table. Need to pay for more recent acquisitions! :) Always a good place to talk to Murray Carter and handle his knives. A number of other custom kitchen knife people are usually...
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    The Knifenerd Guide to Japansese Knives- Kevin Kent

    My copy just arrived in the mail. Too soon to pass judgment but there are lots of nice photos. Seems a little light on details though.
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    Don Nguyen

    Congratulations to Don Nguyen for making the cover of Blade Magazine's Kitchen Knife issue! Nice photo spread in side too. Maybe kitchen knives really are going to be the next big trend in cutlery.
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    Blade Show West in Portland

    For anyone still thinking about going to that show, there was a lot more custom kitchen cutlery there than I was expecting. Both some of the names that get mentioned here on a regular basis and a number I had not met before. Came home with a very nice custom 12-inch cimeter steaking knife. Deer...
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    Chicken and Charcoal

    Anyone else reading "Chicken and Charcoal" by Matt Abergel. Right off, I wish I had known about his restaurant, Yardbird, in Hong Kong back in March when I was there. It really wasn't that far from my hotel. Seems like a funny place for a Japanese style yakitori grill but there is a lot of...
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    Sharp, The Definitive Guide to Knives, Knife Care, and Cutting Techniques.

    Anyone else reading Josh Donald of Bernal Cutlery's book that just came out? I haven't finished it yet but I'm finding it a lot better than average text on kitchen cutlery. Very interesting. I especially like his history of the French pattern chef knife and the sections on individual Japanese...
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    OK sauce

    I came home from Hong Kong with a recipe for sweet and sour catfish that requires OK sauce. Never heard of it before but from a google search I found it was English and a recipe to make some rough equivalent. Anyone have any experience with it?
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    Hong Kong knife hunt

    I spent last week in Hong Kong hunting cleavers and attending cooking classes. This included trips to Chan Chi Kee on Shanghai street and Leung Tim Choppers on Cheung Sha Wan Rd. Past posters have stated they found the Leung Tim Choppers hard to visit because of the translation problems with the...
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    Mukoita Cutting Techniques 1 Fish

    New book for me. It came yesterday so I haven't had time to read it yet. Fairly large section on knives and sharpening. Its from the Japanese Culinary Academy. Anyone else seen it?
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    Oregon Knife Collector's Show

    The OKCA show in Eugene Oregon is fast approaching. April 7 and 8th. Biggest knife show on the west coast by far.
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    Spyderco K12P Chef Knife

    I'm about a afraid to ask this crowd but what do you think of the new Spyderco K12P Chef knife? Fairly narrow 180mm VG-10 blade. Sal likes VG-10 and it seems to be well profiled for cutting. Its too short and narrow for my taste in a gyuto but it looks like it should make a useful utility...
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    Trip to Thailand

    I want to give everyone traveling to Asia a heads up. Do not let the airlines book any flight transfers through China! I just returned last night from Chiang Mai Thailand. The warning signs went off on the out bound trip. The flight was booked over the web with Expedia in the normal way. The...
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    Lucky Peach

    If I understand the e-mail I just received from Lucky Peach, they are closing down. Anyone else heard about this? Given their fairly light ad base, expensive cover price and lack of newsstand presence I guess it was only a matter of time but Dang! I liked their non-traditional approach to a...