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    SOLD TF Denka 210 gyuto

    yeah they have a little horizontal wheel in the back so it's what he would do if you asked as I believe he does it if the others are busy doing sales. TF IV fixed a very slight tipped on my 240 when I got it in person...
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    SOLD TF Denka 210 gyuto

    It's just one of the extra stamps they have floating around the factory's work areas. Means as much as you asking to have your name on the back of the blade. They probably used it more often at one period of time before the stamp got misplaced or simply excluded as they don't need to stamp one...
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    WTS TF Fujiwara Teruyasu Nashiji 195

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    WTS Kemadi Vege Cleaver/Slicer in Bulat

    bahahha ok this one is SPF. Thanks for the PM folks.
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    WTS Kemadi Vege Cleaver/Slicer in Bulat

    np :) - they are mean cutters. Both handle scales are from the same block of chocolate ironwood burl too - now that i have them side by side maybe they should remain together haha.
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    WTS Kemadi Vege Cleaver/Slicer in Bulat

    let's see how we can fix that for you but once you have it in your hands you may let go 99% of the other knives, this thing never dulls unless you hack into bones every morning after your regular routines.
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    WTS Kemadi Vege Cleaver/Slicer in Bulat

    and here is a side by side of the two.
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    WTS Kemadi Vege Cleaver/Slicer in Bulat

    lol so many replies since my first post - eitan said it pretty much accurate - think of kemadi as a konosuke it's basically a brand that works with some well known or lesser known smiths as of right now - for kemadi it's lesser known european smiths where one actually specializes in producing...
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    WTS Kemadi Vege Cleaver/Slicer in Bulat

    Kemadi Vege Cleaver/Slicer @ 200mmx95mm in bulat (coreless damascus) steel. Ultra thin lower geometry with 447 grams behind that thin edge - it just slays. The damascus pattern is more subtle now as I've fingered stoned it and also has patina from use. Chocolate ironwood burl handle with...
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    WTS Sugimoto no7 Cleaver

    can you show us the front and also rear choil to see how the thickness looks like?
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    Fujiwara teruyasu (TF) knives

    found one in my cabinet the other day...
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    Fujiwara teruyasu (TF) knives

    i should really patent that and charge everyone :LOL::LOL:
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    Chukabocho - Sugimoto 6 vs Ginga

    the neck is kind of long on that tanaka, i would say the sugimoto is the better buy.
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    Careful with Auctions

    looks like there were 2 bidders who really thought it was a 180 so i kindly helped them move it from 80k to 120k in the last 10 minutes or so :LOL:
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    Green compound issue

    the compound must be faulty! try returning it and get another one or it may be the strop or the knife - it may just be easier sending it out for an edge if you keep running into sharpening issues.
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    Kato sizes

    based on a few i've seen in person and also from high res photos at the same angle, length for length WH is typically thicker through out and the profile has a higher tip which means it's more curvy - possible sample variations as well.
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    JNS, Arashiyama or Snow White

    and why would you want 3 stones 6k+ and yet you say you want toothy edge but its for sashimi cutting and in the end why would you want toothy edge for sashimi cutting to begin with? not sure what you mean about minerals in the stone either, maybe you are on that stone for too long and your water...
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    Grind issue for the experts.

    return it like that dude with the tf and ask for the seller to cover shipping and dont bother with another one cause they are all like that.