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  1. spyken

    WTS Kaneso Santoku Custom Handle + Customised Enzo Birk folder

    I'm offering both as an affordable bundle. Folder: Customised Enzo Birk Folder, done ala custom emersons, with all the tiny little details. Blade reground by Gareth Bull, the other customisations (ti bolsters, micarta handles) done by Nathawut. Used faithfully with scratches but not abused. I...
  2. spyken

    sausage making

    I'd like to chat or rather ask how I can go about learning how to make sausages, and, resources to read etc. I think this is a great skill, and, one I'd like to develop, especially since my job is coming to and end and this could be a way to make ends meet (or literally, put food on the table)...
  3. spyken

    Wild Boar

    Please share your experience with wild boar. Where do you source the meat? How do you butcher it? How do you like seasoning or cooking it? Is it good eating? where do find good suppliers? can they be made into hams etc. I can't get wild boar meat locally but have always been fascinated by it -...