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    Reinforcing Jnats

    pavel Has anyone explored using the fabric and resin used in making orthopedic casts to reinforce and stabjlize jnats ?
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    Cheapo monosteels

    Pavel Out of curiosity ran "masamoto 13012 rakuten" on the internet. Got 4 or 5 replies from Rakuten shops. The low quote was from onr named MANMARU at $72.77. Pavel
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    ?Shig source

    Ran across this site in my web wanderings, "". Saw they had a knife section and in it were some Shigs. No "out of stock" notices. Prices were presumably in AU$. Shigs are not my thing but maybe someone should check it out. Pavel
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    Martin Yan Nakiri

    Jack- I have a similar knife. Martin Yan had a chinese cooking show on PBS, probably from San Francisco. He marketed these as his personal cleaver design and I think they were made by Messermeister. Mine a 200 x 80 mm blade, nice F&F and Yan's name and etched signature on the left side. Every...
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    give 200mm HAP 40

    My apologies for errors in starting this thread, it's my first attempt. Ran across this while wandering about in Rakuten. It's a site with a HAP 40 gyuto at the lowest price I've seen. The search was made using Google and I'd recommend using it for this address...
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    Japanese knife lexicon for searching Rakuten,, etc.

    My apologies for posting a non-functioning address. The one posted worked (and still does) on my mac. The .com addition is probably the correction needed but that needs to be established by working on a computer on which the first version wouldn’t run. The store name “chokuhan” came from the...
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    Japanese knife lexicon for searching Rakuten,, etc.

    Here's another rakuten address- http://global.rakuten/en/store/chokuhan/ should get you to zakuri knives
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    Recommendation needed: Knife for Mom

    Not sure if you want to pursue PM knives. If you do check these sites. Gihei hap 40; Try the "Bay Trade Japan Knife" web site. They have both gyutos and santokus in this alloy. SRS 15; Check out "Knifewear" website for Haruyuki SRS 15 santokus (165 and 180) and 180 gyuto. Site is Canadian...