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  1. WiscoNole

    Masamoto KK 270mm yanagiba

    Selling a gently-used Masamoto KK 270mm yanagiba. No flaws, defects, or major signs of use. Comes with a very nice saya that has the Masamoto kanji etched (right term?) in. Retail is $260, I'm asking $180 shipped within continental US. Sorry, no trades or international sales.
  2. WiscoNole

    Mods, don't know where else to post this...

    ...But it'd be pretty sweet if we could do threads with polls. :cool2:
  3. WiscoNole

    Did Koobi Kit go out of business?

    I've been out of the loop in knife world the last few years, with my collection at critical mass. Was just trying to find out what the latest offering from Koobi Kit is, as I have been using them for work for 10+ years, and I can't find anything. Are they dunzo?
  4. WiscoNole

    240 carbon Kiritsuke options?

    I've been browsing the usual suspects (in terms of knife dealers), and I can't really find many options for a 240mm carbon Kiritsuke in the $400-600 range. Anybody have any suggestions?
  5. WiscoNole

    Friend's whole kit stolen...WTB: 240mm LEFTY gyuto

    Title pretty much says it all. My lefty friend had his kit ($1600) stolen by a junkie coworker and he can't prove anything. I'm putting this ad up to try to help him out. Anybody got anything they can part with for a decent price?
  6. WiscoNole

    chipped tip off brand new kamagata usuba

    Within the first three minutes of using my new Masamoto kamagata usuba that I bought in Tsukiji last week, I broke the first 2mm of the tip off when it got wedged in the cutting board. What's the best course of action to fix it? Sharpen as normal and just let it correct itself over time?
  7. WiscoNole

    Going to Japan for a week in July, need recs for knife shops to visit

    I'm interested in visiting a smith/shop where knives are produced, preferably a higher-end maker. Who is open to tours or showings or whatever you want to call it, and how would I set that up? I know almost nothing about this sort of thing, and I know there are people here, like Jon, who can...
  8. WiscoNole

    spilled 5-6 drops of duck fat on my Kitayama...effects?

    ...and I didn't notice until after it had soaked in. How deep do you think it goes? Is it worth trying to take a lot off with a diamond plate? Will performance be effected?
  9. WiscoNole

    The reactivity of my blue steel knives is driving me crazy at work

    I have been using carbon knives almost exclusively for about 4 years now, and lately I am using blue steel more and more at work because of the edge retention. I have blue gyutos from Mizuno, Watanabe, and Konosuke Fujiyama, and I've found that they are MUCH more reactive than my Masamoto KS...
  10. WiscoNole

    options for 300mm carbon wa-sujihiki?

    As you may remember, I posted a thread a few weeks ago about a defective Konosuke 300mm wa suji. I ended up returning that knife to the vendor, who was very easy to deal with. I'm having some trouble finding other options that aren't absurdly expensive. I looked into a 300mm KS suji, as I...
  11. WiscoNole

    Issue with grind on new Konosuke White #2 suji

    I just got a 300mm Kono suji and there is an issue with the 3-4cm closest to the heel. With the heel resting on a level surface, there is a 1.5-2cm area that does not make contact with the board before the contact is reestablished about 3cm from the heel. It makes for a very awkward feel when...
  12. WiscoNole

    career advice wanted and welcomed

    to cut right to the chase, I am not terribly happy at my current job. I work for a 10-restaurant group at the best restaurant in the company. I feel like I am being underpaid (already been denied a raise based on "company standards" on cooks' compensation or some BS), and I have only hit 40...
  13. WiscoNole

    FS: Watanabe 210 gyuto with handle upgrade, Masamoto Virgin Carbon 270 suji

    I am the original owner of both knives. The Watanabe is a 210mm gyuto in blue steel #2. When I ordered it I chose to upgrade the handle from the Ho wood D-shape to a Keyaki octagon handle. I've only sharpened it 2-3 times and it has a light patina. Paid $350 for it, I'd like to get $275...
  14. WiscoNole

    FS: Masamoto VC 270mm sujihiki, Messermeister Meridian Elite 10" chef's knife

    Just like the title says...selling because my current station at work doesn't require them much and I could use the money. Nothing wrong with either knife, outside of a few cosmetic abrasions on the Messermeister from sharpening. The Masamoto has a unique and multi-layered patina (not...
  15. WiscoNole

    Burnt Chestnut handle from JKI + Masamoto KS -brief review and pics

    I had been meaning to get an octagon handle put on my beloved Masamoto KS gyuto for quite a while. I wanted something with a nice dark wood (read: not Ho) but didn't want to shell out $100+. When I saw the burnt chestnut handles on JKI for well under $100, I couldn't resist. I got the knife...
  16. WiscoNole

    FS: Masamoto VC 150mm petty, Suisin HC 240mm gyuto, Misono UX10 Honesuki

    I am the original owner of all three knives. Selling because I need the money for non-knife expenditures. I hate to see them go, but I'm not about to give up my Mizuno or anything. :knife: I apologize in advance for the (lack of) quality of the pictures. The bevels look all wonky because...