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    WTS Wts konosuke Fujiyama White #1 Gyuto 240mm Khii Laurel

    Brand new in box 400 obo Its hard to get good pics inside right now. I can always text more if you need them Shipping stays in usa. Any questions let me know, I'm easy to work with.
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    Favorite boxes for shipping knives

    I might be selling off my small collection in order to fund some other projects. What are your favorite boxes to ship in for the best cost efficiency.
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    WTS Shiraki mizu honyaki my fuji white 2

    I know my name looks new but im formally known as raleighcook15 Selling some knives in the next few days. This knife has some minor imperfections which are so small I cant capture them on camera. I can text a video to try and capture any small blemishes. Im pretty sure everything visible can be...
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    WTS Mattia borrani chef knife

    Selling this for a friend. It was recently purchased from the home butcher and sharpened once. He doesnt like the profile. (He generally uses a moritaka kiritsuke gyuto so i dont know what he was thinking.) 400 shipped I'll do my best to field questions.
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    1st pistol

    Hey all. Working on getting my firearms permit. My brothers a cop so im looking to get a pistol to do some target shooting and for home defense (hopefully never needed). Whats a good first pistol? Nj laws
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    Should i be nervous about my cruise

    Have a cruise booked for this weekend, 7 days. Had the vacation planned for months and can't cancel. Should i be nervous or is this a bunch of fear mongering by the v media. -32 year old in good shape lol
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    Glestain sharpening

    My buddy gave me his glestain to sharpen, anyone else have a tough time getting an edge on these? I have 120 grit diamond stone and im getting nothing here. It needs a good thinning but even still this steel feels weird.
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    Finishing stone with some bite

    Was reading in another thread that said an aoto can be a finishing stone that still has some bite. Looking for suggestions on one. My current progression is 400 1000 in naniwa super stones, 2000 green brick, 5000 naniwa. I wouldn't mind a 2/3 k edge with bite though .
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    WTT wts Kamon Production knife

    its a cool knife but I like my lasers Looking for a kono mm blue or kono fm any steel. Can add money if needed Looking for other interesting 240mm knives used for one session of cutting leeks Honed lightly on a 5k before use value at 340 (was 355? something like that after shipping to us)
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    Feeling guilty using certain knives

    Anyone feel guilty using certain knives? Have the fear that they will be worth crazy money day. I still regret selling my old Fuji after seeing the prices they go for nowadays. I just picked up a hiromoto as that I've wanted for a long time ( always heard good things). I shouldn't feel...
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    WTT Or sell running man forge honyaki

    8 inch honyaki 1095 carbon steel. Knife gets super sharp and defines laser These are going for new at 350 I have 2 kono hds so this is redundant Knife has been sharpened lightly once Looking for 320 or a trade of nice filet/boning knives Interesting 210 or 240 gyuto...
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    WTS Kono fm 240mm white 1

    Bnib bought off tosho for 460 Khii handle Beautiful kanji Looking for 390 obo
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    Oatley Sandvik 12C27

    Curious what this steel can be compared to. How does it hold up with edge retention? Ease of sharpening? Sharpness? Feel free to compare to most other common steels.
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    Help identifying

    What brand is this?
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    WTT Kono mb white 2 240

    Pics will be posted once i get to work. Looking for more of a laser. Knife is a great cutter, just not what im looking for. It had some slight rust that was taken care of, has only been sharpened once or twice. Has the tiniest chip on the heel which can probaby be sharpened out. Again I'll post...
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    WTB Comet

    Looking for something 200 (maybe) to 240mm. not honyaki. Looking for a bunka or gyuto. Just want to see what's out there.
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    WTB Hiromoto as 240mm

    Looking for something in New or like new condition
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    Bought Rodrigue

    Might want to try this if sometimes willing to let it go.
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    WTB Kono funi

    Would love to get My hands on something new or like new
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    ohishi brand sharpening stones

    Couldn't find much regarding this brand. Looking to buy maybe 2 or 3 stones for a quick work kit. I have a credit from bernal so I was thinking atoma 400, ohishi 1000, shapton pro 2k? Sharpening hd steel, blue 2, white 1 and 2 maybe r2 in the future