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  1. Barmoley

    How to efficiently dice lots of ripe tomatoes?

    How do you guys dice ripe tomatoes? Any techniques or tricks to make it more efficient? If it is just a few any method works, but for a few more there has to be a good way of doing it.
  2. Barmoley

    Any experience with Kaeru slicer?

    Has anyone tried one of these slicers/fillet type knives. Curious what they are like, flexibility, comfort with D-handle, edge holding, etc.
  3. Barmoley

    What do you use to cut spaghetti squash

    I cut spaghetti squash last week and it was so hard, I got scarred of chipping one of my Japanese type knives. Not sure if it would, but the fear was strong in me. I ended up using my 25 year old 8" Henckels chef. The knife survived, but it wasn't a pleasant experience and the edge got mangled a...
  4. Barmoley

    SOLD Evan Antzenberger 240 blue 2 differentially tempered in honyaki style

    This one hurts a lot... There is some checking on the horn furrel, I've contacted Evan about this when the knife arrived, he said it was normal and that he glued it and that it shouldn't move. It hasn't so far. The rest of the handle is ironwood. Length: 248 mm Height: 55 mm Weight: 255 g...
  5. Barmoley

    SOLD Kamon 246x53 convex

    This one is very new and used little. Has some patina which I can remove if buyer wants. It has Ben’s new pro handle with hidden pins. The handle is 110-112 mm long and is very comfortable to me. Grind is convex. Length: 246 mm Height: 53 mm Weight: 222 g Steel: 1.2519 convex grind Price: $695...
  6. Barmoley

    SOLD Markin 240 Vanadis23 core

    This one has very dramatic distal taper. Excellent edge holding in my use. Some scratches on the cladding, excellent condition otherwise. Length: 244 mm Height: 54 mm Weight: 198 g Price: $525 $500 Shipped conus Steel: stainless clad Vanadis23 core @64 HRC.
  7. Barmoley

    SOLD 240 52100 Workhorse Gyuto Zirocote Handle

    Used, but not abused. I took off most of the patina, but there is still some left. Length: 241 mm Height: 52.9 mm Weight: 245 g Price: $600 shipped conus
  8. Barmoley

    SOLD Kochi with machi

    This one is unused. Bought it and never used it since many knives came in at the same time. Sucks to let it go, really sucks, have been waiting to get one of these for years. Length: 241 mm Height: 53 mm Weight: 184 g Price: $300 shipped conus.
  9. Barmoley

    Withdrawn Martell stainless western petty or small gyuto

    Hey guys, I am looking for a stainless western petty or gyuto in very good condition. Martell preferred, but if someone has something similar please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  10. Barmoley

    SOLD Milan Gravier 237x58 gyuto

    Length: 237 mm Height: 58.3 mm Weight 186 g Steel: C130 core Price: $575 Shipped CONUS. Includes saya made by Milan. I like the knife, but even though it doesn't feel as tall as the heel height would suggest, it is still too tall for me. Can remove patina if the buyer wants. Check out the...
  11. Barmoley

    Shipping with FedEx

    So given that I've had some issues with USPS lately and them not honoring signature requirement, but still charging for it, I thought I had it all figured out. I started using FedEx ground. The cost seemed similar enough and it seemed that at least if you choose to pay for direct signature that...
  12. Barmoley

    SOLD Dalman 1.2562 mono

    Time to pass this to someone else to experience this very cool knife. I really like the grind and steel on this one. The knife has been touched up on high grid stones, but no thinning or major sharpening. I removed most of the patina, there is still some left though. mono 1.2562 steel Size...
  13. Barmoley

    A few questions about Michael Rader 5 Steel

    For those of you who've had experience with Rader 5 steel. What do you think of it. How's the edge holding compared to something like 52100? Does deep etching cause any drag when cutting? Anything else that you guys can share?
  14. Barmoley

    Adjusting gyuto heel to not hit the board

    Some knives with tall, flat profiles hit the board with the heel and a clunk. Has anyone adjusted the heel on such knives slightly to prevent this from happening Or is it too much work and more than the heel needs to be adjusted? The heel will have to be thinned after, but what else?
  15. Barmoley

    SOLD Kemadi 250 bulat

    Length: 249 mm Height: 56 mm Weight: 272 g Steel: Bulat Price: $450 shipped CONUS.
  16. Barmoley

    Who wants to speculate So this looks cool to me because Spyderco usually makes good stuff and I've been wanting to try CBN stones for a while, but they were either not available or very expensive. I have a set...
  17. Barmoley

    SOLD Mazaki 240, latest from carbonknifeco

    This is the latest gen mazaki. Length: 246 mm Height: 53.35 mm Weight: 245g Has been used and sharpened, no thinning. Grind hasn't been affected. Most patina was removed, but there is still some. $245 shipped CONUS. No international at this time. If you have any questions please ask.
  18. Barmoley

    Tried the unthinkable

    So I decided to try something I usually don't do. I went on vacation with friends and family for 9 days and took 2 nice, expensive knives with me. I let all use them to make dinners and other food stuff. I also didn't take any sharpenning supplies, none. These are the victims.... I am glad to...
  19. Barmoley

    SOLD Kamon 2nd gen production

    Received this knife from Ben a week ago. Took a long time to get here, bought a bunch of others in the mean time..... Great condition, haven’t taken to the stones or the strop. A little patina. length: 249-250mm height 55.5mm weight: 210g steel: [email protected] hrc balance: 33-35 mm from the handle...
  20. Barmoley

    SOLD Marius Smide 250x55 gyuto 15ML steel

    Selling slightly used Smide here's the original listing. Current pictures below, very little patina. The knife was touched up once on diamond spray loaded leather strop. $365 shipped CONUS