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  1. Larrin

    Which Quenching Oil is Best for Knives?

    I did a big study on different quenching oils (six of them) in addition to water for 9 different steels to see in what conditions the different steels will fully harden. If you have been worried you are using the wrong oil this study is for you. In addition to this fun study, I have made my...
  2. Larrin

    Bainite heat treatments of 52100, O1, and 1095

    New article summarizing some experiments I did on “austempering” for bainite of 52100, O1, and 1095. There were some interesting results about how bainite gest improved toughness of typical tempered martensite. I also compared between the high carbon steel heat treated for bainite vs high...
  3. Larrin

    More Edge Retention Testing - Rex 45, Maxamet, SPY27, XHP, CPM-T15, 420, Rex 76

    A new set of edge retention tests on a range of high speed and stainless steels including Rex 45, Rex 76, CPM-T15, SPY27, XHP, and 420. We also did toughness tests on several of those steels that we had not yet been tested. And we redid our Rex 121 knife with a new heat treatment that was much...
  4. Larrin

    How to Heat Treat 8670

    A new article where we looked at a bunch of heat treating variables for 8670 to narrow down the best approach for heat treating it. We looked at austenitizing temperature, tempering temperature, Parks 50 vs AAA, and more. How to Heat Treat 8670 - Knife Steel Nerds
  5. Larrin

    How Even is an EvenHeat? How to Operate Furnaces Effectively

    New article where I used a secondary thermocouple to check the temperature distribution of an EvenHeat LB 22.5 compared to the furnace thermocouple reading. I also measured what happens when the door of the furnace is open, and measured what happens when you preheat the furnace to a temperature...
  6. Larrin

    CruForgeV – The Unfortunate Events that Killed a Forging Knife Steel

    CruForgeV was a steel developed by Crucible for forging bladesmiths. The steel didn't take off thanks to a combination of negative factors mostly separate from the performance of the steel itself. In this article I discuss its history, properties, and comparisons with other forging steels...
  7. Larrin

    What are Matrix steels? YXR7, CPM-1V, Caldie, and More

    Matrix steels were first invented in the 1960s and then kind of forgotten. But they continue to have an effect on knife steels today. What are they? How were they invented? Which knife steels can be called “matrix steels”? Matrix Steels - YXR7, CPM-1V, Caldie, and More - Knife Steel Nerds
  8. Larrin

    Steel Properties that Knifemakers Care about and Users Don’t

    A new article about differences between knifemakers/companies and buyers in terms of what steel properties they want. These are things that users and enthusiasts typically don't have to be concerned with but can be enlightening for understanding why knifemakers make the choices they do for...
  9. Larrin

    I Tested the Edge Retention of 48 Steels

    Recently I was able to acquire a used CATRA machine, so I heat treated just about every knife steel I had, made 57 knives with the help of knifemaker Shawn Houston, and tested them all to see which cut the longest. For a few of the steels I did multiple heat treatments to look at a couple...
  10. Larrin

    S30V Steel – History and Properties

    New article on S30V, including information on its development. I was able to interview the lead development metallurgist, Dick Barber, who shared a lot of interesting information. I also compared its properties to other common knife steels and talked about the steel’s impact on the knife...
  11. Larrin

    M390 vs 20CV vs 204P - 3rd Generation Powder Metallurgy

    I wrote an article describing the difference in process between different powder metallurgy production companies making knife steels. I also did experiments to analyze the different products including carbide size, impurity levels, and inclusions. And comparisons between toughness of similar...
  12. Larrin

    Toughness of CPM-154

    I did a range of heat treating experiments with CPM-154 to try to find optimal combinations for good toughness and overall properties. And I show where the toughness of CPM-154 compares with other stainless knife steels. I also did a comparison with a previous toughness measurement which does...
  13. Larrin

    Ranking Toughness of Forging Knife Steels

    Summary of toughness measurements on a range of low alloy steels used by forging bladesmiths but also stock removal makers. Then an explanation of what factors control the toughness of low alloy steels. And information on how heat treatment affects the toughness of these steels...
  14. Larrin

    S35VN Steel History and Properties

    New article about S35VN looking at its design, edge retention, toughness, corrosion resistance, etc. And a series of experiments on heat treating it including final hardness and toughness.
  15. Larrin

    ZDP-189 and Cowry-X: Overrated or Super Steel?

    New research on ZDP-189 analyzing its toughness, edge retention, and corrosion resistance. How does it achieve such high hardness? Is it really stainless? Does it have any toughness at such high hardness?
  16. Larrin

    VG10 and SG2 Experiments and History

    I was able to get some VG10 and SG2 steel which I was excited about because the steels are used in many Japan-produced knives but it is tough to get here. So a lot of knife enthusiasts are curious about the properties. A couple members of Kitchen Knife Forums have criticized me for not looking...
  17. Larrin

    Super Hard (70 Rc) High Speed Steels Explained

    New article about super hard high speed steels. I included information on the history of the development of these steels. Toughness and edge retention values on Maxamet, and a comparison with the toughness of Rex 121. Also a comparison with other knife steels in terms of toughness, edge...
  18. Larrin

    Information on Sandrin's "Polyhedral tungsten carbide"

    I wrote an article describing what Sandrin's carbide material is and what type of properties it has. They have a line of kitchen knives now too.
  19. Larrin

    New Steel – Crucible S45VN

    Crucible and Niagara have just announced a new stainless powder metallurgy steel – S45VN. I was able to get a bar of it early to do a range of experiments on it including hardness, corrosion resistance, and toughness. I have a recommendation on how to best heat treat it too. How does it compare...
  20. Larrin

    Corrosion Testing of 9 Stainless Knife Steels

    I did a new study on a range of different stainless steels including water spray and saltwater spray corrosion testing. I used the results of the study to improve my ranking of corrosion resistance of knife steels.