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  1. WiscoNole

    Knife Trends: Then, now and back again,

    Then what did I buy at Aritsugu in Nishiki?
  2. WiscoNole

    Felt Group Buy??

    I guess I missed out. :(:(:(
  3. WiscoNole

    Every day cooking/cutting tasks and the knives that you use

    How does that compare to normal tartar sauce and is it also good with seafood?
  4. WiscoNole

    Munetoshi 210 slicer or Gesshin Kagekiyo 210 petty for chicken breasts?

    I'm impressed by how many weeks you've spent on this decision.
  5. WiscoNole

    What knife roll do you have? Seeking recommendations for a larger roll/case.

    I've been a Koobi Kit guy for 10+ years. If I had known they were going out of business, I would've bought a backup or two for when my current one gets worn out.
  6. WiscoNole

    Question for chef's.

    Maybe he'll start a thread for home cooks next.
  7. WiscoNole

    Toyama knives worth the money?

    Shame. Just bought a Gesshin Hide 330mm instead.
  8. WiscoNole

    Question for chef's.

    The only gyuto I use at work is a 270. A bigger knife can do everything a smaller knife can, and cut more product at a time. Using a 210 would make my job harder by a significant margin.
  9. WiscoNole

    210 petty/suji/slicer for raw protein

    I have a Gesshin Ginga 210 carbon wa-gyuto that I absolutely love, I can't imagine the 210 petty being any less great.
  10. WiscoNole

    210 petty/suji/slicer for raw protein

    Are you set on double-bevel?
  11. WiscoNole

    Toyama knives worth the money?

    This thread has me considering this Do they not come with a saya?
  12. WiscoNole

    if you could only keep one of your knives?

    Where did you get that?
  13. WiscoNole


    You want to shake things up, get an usuba instead of a nakiri. Very easy to sharpen if you do 45 minutes of research and understand the concepts, and sooo much fun to use.
  14. WiscoNole


    Tanaka's what?
  15. WiscoNole

    Masamoto KS available at JCK

    It's a strange feeling watching people go crazy over a knife that you've owned for seven years that has terrible edge retention.
  16. WiscoNole

    Masamoto KS - The Phoenix Rises (2018)

    One sec, let me restart my computer, maybe the pics will show up then
  17. WiscoNole

    Knife type for chicken breasts (and other small boneless protein)?

    Even though a 240 gyuto is fine, the last knife I used to cut up a raw boneless chicken breast was a 240 yanagiba.
  18. WiscoNole

    How to select a new cutting board

    Does Amazon deliver to you? I got my Sani-Tuff in 2008 and it's still on my counter right now. It's well worth the price and probably more.
  19. WiscoNole

    Knife type for chicken breasts (and other small boneless protein)?

    A 240 gyuto is perfectly fine for the tasks described. I think you just want to justify another knife! :knife: