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    SOLD Old stock Kono fujiyama w2 suji 270

    Hey guys, letting this gem go. Got her in a trade a few months back. From Bernal batch 2017 , Morihiro sharpened. This particular specimen shows a nice high grind , with a high shinogion the right face. Tip is crazy thin, as is the edge . Gentleman I got it from sharpened it a time or 2. I’ve...
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    WTB HD2 210 / Fuji 210

    Looking for a kono HD2 210 increased heel height. These came out to a few vendors not long ago but seem scarce at the moment. Ebony handle preferred I would also consider a fuji FM 210 with the new myojin kanji . Ho wood version from Bernal preferred. And as always old stock fuji 210 Let me...
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    WTS Kono & Takeda Nakiri

    I have 2 sweet nakiri I’m thinking of letting go. Wedding is coming up soon and I need some extra funding! 1. Konosuke Monosteel W2 165mm I got this one here , sports a Ho wood handle and it’s barely been used. Edge bevel is almost stock. I can remove patina if needed. These are no longer...
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    WTB Kaiden Dammy

    Hi, Probably a long shot (they’re older) But I’m searching for any Kaiden dammy from from a couple years ago. I own a 210 and love it , would like to find another one or 2 of these . Thanks!
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    WTB Takeda 160-180mm nakiri

    Hey guys , looking for a takeda Nakiri, 160-180mm Classic preferred but would settle for a NAS! Planning to use at work daily. I have cash or interesting trades . Thanks for looking!
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    SOLD Fujiyama FM B2 Suji 270

    Here we have my konosuke fujiyama Blue 2 FM 270. I paid around $460 and then acquired a konosuke ebony and blonde horn handle for it , around $140. Knife had been used a handful of times. No sharpening, yet. I’d like $550 shipped CONUS only , no trades!
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    Withdrawn FINGERSTONES found!

    I’ve been after some for years. A few people have promised to send me some but never did. Please sell me some!! I just want to rub them on hard things to make them shiny 😂
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    Traded Takeda Kogatana

    Been looking for one of these for a while, never seem to be in stock. Let me know if you have one laying around. I can do cash or entice you with a sweet trade! Classic would be preferred but I’d go for a stainless clad if I have to ! Thanks !
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    WTS Ohishi 180 gyuto , 270 suji Price Drop

    I have 2 ohishi for sale. 1. AS western stainless clad hammered 180mm gyuto. Traded for here , barely used, Just didn’t click with it . $150 shipped 2. Ginsan western suji 270. This is a really nice blade. Purchased new from Bernal recently , added on an edro saya. Barely used, sharpened...
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    WTT Old stock Kono

    I have a few old stock wide bevel 210 konosuke Fujiyama i would consider trading. I am looking for HD2 suji and/ or nakiri with ebony. I am also looking for fujiyama suji and old stock fuji bunka and nakiri. Priority will be given to the old stock. The knives I have are a blue 2 210 from 2016...
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    WTT Fujiyama B2 270 wb gyuto (2018)

    I would like to trade my kono fujiyama blue 2 270 gyuto wide bevel (2018) for one of the things from the list below I need to complete my collection. Will post pics/ measurements when I get home. knife is for TRADE ONLY. knife has been used a handful of times, never sharpened . I will set...
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    WTS Kono Fuji FM 270 & kagekiyo ginsan 270

    Listing a couple that aren’t being used! Will post current state pics when I get home tonight. Konosuke Fujiyama FM Blue2 270 gyuto Around 260x54, Khii laurel handle Light use , minor scratches from use . Sharpened once. This one is a beast, very thin behind the edge and aggressive cutter...
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    WTB Konosuke Fujiyama’s

    Hi, I am seeking a few to round out my lineup. I am a chef by trade and am buying for use, not to look at ! I am looking for , all old stock, any steel: Fujiyama nakiri (any length) ! Fujiyama sujihiki 270-300mm ! Any KU Fujiyama , any shape ! Fujiyama petty any steel, any length ! Fujiyama...
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    SOLD Halcyon Aogami Super ku 225mm

    For your consideration: Halcyon Forge AS KU gyuto Wrought iron over AS core 225x55mm Ebony and blonde horn handle crotch walnut saya with blonde horn pin Asking $675 shipped CONUS Bought this last summer and used a good bit at work. Sent to Kasumi Kev for a spa day . Bevels are super flat and...
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    SOLD Konosuke Fujiyama B2 FM

    For your consideration: Konosuke Fujiyama B2 FM 240 233x51mm $600 shipped in the USA From first run of this series Ebony and blonde konosuke handle Konosuke saya Original box Paid $450+ 150 for handle + 30 for saya Used but not heavily. Stropped on aizu a few times. I had an OEM konosuke...
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    WTB Kono ebony and blonde horn

    Hey everyone , As the title suggests, I am looking for one or 2 more kono ebony and blonde handles . My set is almost complete , just need a few more If you have one laying around, I will pay top dollar! Thanks for looking !
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    SOLD Konosuke hd2 240 ebony

    For your consideration: Konosuke HD2 240 232x50 Ebony with black horn ferrule handle Konosuke saya with tassel pin Asking $375 shipped CONUS Almost $100 off from new ! I bought this one bnib here on the forum. Have used a handful of times. Sharpened once on an Aizu. just doesn’t see the...
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    SOLD Tsubaya Tanaka b1 KU 240

    For your consideration: Tsubaya Tanaka b1 KU 230x50 Satine Handle , polished and sealed by Carter Hopkins Custom quilted sappelle saya by Carter Asking $425 shipped CONUS This has been a real workhorse, and one of my favorites. I’ve flattened and polished the bevels . It sits at absolute zero...
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    SOLD Old stock kono Fujiyama w2 Honesuki

    For your consideration: Konosuke Fujiyama w2 Honesuki-kaku Description: Old stock Original owner. Immaculate kanji Used it once to trim a tenderloin Super thin, double bevel. Would not use near bone ! Never sharpened! Price $400 shipped CONUS No trades! What’s included : Fuji white 2...
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    WTS Kono Fujiyama w2 240mm

    For your consideration : Konosuke Fujiyama white2 gyuto 240mm $450 shipped CONUS Optional ebony and blonde add $90 Bought it used. See further detail below! No box (didn’t come with one) Specs&Description Steel: White #2 Length: 230mm Height: 50mm Weight: unsure (around 6oz) Handle: Ho and...