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  1. Matt Zilliox

    WTS Variety of natural stones (jnats)

    Hello KKF, I have not been finding the time and motivation to polish much lately so I'd like to move some stones I don't often use. Left to right Nakayama suita. 750 Tanaka Toishi Mikawa Chu Nagura. Sold Nakayama Iromono 400 Natsuya. 350 Hakka 200 sold Nakayama suita. Great finisher but...
  2. Matt Zilliox

    WTB Feeler for a Xerxes

    I just can't get over this work so I figured I'd toss it out to the universe... Anyone have a xerxes around gathering dust? I've got cash or trades for the right one.
  3. Matt Zilliox

    WTB 225mm Jiro

    Hey all. Self explanatory. Thought I had landed a 225mm but it didn't work out. Wa handle preferred. I have a couple interesting trades or cash.
  4. Matt Zilliox

    WTS Catcheside 170mm

    Catcheside Petty 170mm forged geometry. mild steel over 1.2462, wenge handle. hardness 65. Looking for 400 shipped. Cool little knife but i have a metal monkey in the same size i prefer. I put a kasumi on this one too, because you know, i can.
  5. Matt Zilliox

    My evolution of knives

    its been quite the journey and now I'd like to share: i guess you'd say i have a collection now Heldqvistmide 260 viking knife dammy over spicy white custom 245 frenchie stainless over 52100 The nine 270 wrought over 1.25blah blah The nine honyaki 240 w2 The nine workhorse 240 soft iron...
  6. Matt Zilliox

    Traded Raquin Nakiri 165x63mm and Halcyon Forge 235x52mm gyuto FS or Trade knives spoken for

    Hey Guys, Couple of great knives from great makers, but I cant cut with em all. Both purchased direct from the maker in the last 6 months. Full disclosure, both have been polished by me on Jnats, and used by me to make food, mainly dinner, sometimes other meals too. The pictures are current...
  7. Matt Zilliox

    WTS FS some Jnats and Takenoko stone

    Hello forum, During the last 6 months I have been collecting some stones to try. Some were lost only to show up months later, and in general, i just got a bit too carried away. I know these can be hard to find, hard to understand, and hard to know you are getting something useful for some. I...
  8. Matt Zilliox

    WTB Kiridashi for polish testing

    Hello KKF, Im looking for one or 2 kiridashi for testing stones and polishing practice. looking for iron cladding for contrast please. if it can also carve out wood, even better. Thanks
  9. Matt Zilliox

    Alexander Bazes 225mm Gyuto review

    Hey all, My first review. Alexander Bazes 225mm Gyuto. I just fell in love with this knife right away, and now I've spent some time with it, I like it more and more! I'm not one to write up reviews, but I took a leap of faith in the BST with this knife and have been beyond surprised at how...
  10. Matt Zilliox

    WTB The 9 Nine 200-230mm gyuto

    I cant convert time well, so i missed the drop for Roberts knife today. second time ive been stupid and missed one of his. sooooo id like to buy a knife by Robert. the nine gyuto, 200mm to 230mm long. i understand if yours is not for sale... hoping somebodies is?
  11. Matt Zilliox

    Show off that colored handle

    Hey KKF, Post up your colorful handled knives! Im looking for inspiration for a project. Im after Western style handles especially, but any colorful handles welcome. Its so easy to find natural brown tones in handles, or the classic light brown, dark brown/black combo. Im looking for those...
  12. Matt Zilliox

    Wanted: Feedback on Majime or Heartwood Forge

    Hello Community I have been lurking around reading for some time and recently joined. I hope its ok to ask for feedback on makers in this forum, i saw a few other folks asking too... A newer maker who has caught my eye, but does not appear to show up on your website anywhere, is Max at Majime...
  13. Matt Zilliox

    Just discovered custom knives, what a rabbithole

    Hey all, Long time home cook, lover of fine tools. I am just now starting to open my eyes to the world of fine knives. Been reading this site for info and decided to join and play. my first 2 are these 2: mashed yukon w beet steak n gravy[/url] by Matt.zilliox, on Flickr[/IMG] J lee...