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    My Tojiro DP is struggling against sweet potato/pumpkins, what to do?

    I just thinned a family member's Tojiro right behind the edge on the pink brick and saw a solid improvement in performance. Start right behind and work your way up if needed I say!
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    WTB Wakui 210/240 Gyuto (Canada)

    Bump for a 210!
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    WTB Wakui 210/240 Gyuto (Canada)

    I've been wanting one of these for a long time and oddly now feels like a right time for me to pick one up. Prefer a 210 Migaki (hairline?) stainless clad version with a octagonal handle, but I'm open to all versions. I know Epic Edge has the 240 and there's a Canadian retailer with both sizes...
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    I know 6 year old bump, but I chose this thread because it had the most info about Kaneshige. Shot in the dark, but any KKF'ers know more about the brand or have tried it? I'm not too attracted to Konosuke and it seems stock is sparse, but I this one at Ai & Om caught my eye while searching for...
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    T-F knives

    Does anyone recall what the Nashiji pettys went for before the price bump? I should've really grabbed one pre-bump but now they're closer to other stuff on the market.
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    WTB Small Stainless Petty ~120mm (Takamura, Ashi/Gesshin)

    Bump, maybe I should ask Jon if he's getting petties back in stock anytime soon
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    WTB Small Stainless Petty ~120mm (Takamura, Ashi/Gesshin)

    Hi all, Sorry to interrupt the unicorn B/S/T'ing. I'm looking to grab a budget petty ($100 or less) for a family member who is using a completely worn down one at the end of its life and wanted to see if anyone here had something. If not, I may just grab them a Fujiwara FKM or something. As...
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    Stones for Gyuto in Canada

    I'd also look into Lee Valley if you have one in your area (specifically the King & Bester stones they carry). I can't speak to how Shuns behave (I'm sure someone else can), but for cheap SS you'll want to go much under 1K (especially if they don't have an edge set). Once you get a knife like...
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    TF now 20% more expensive

    Wakui is on my gyuto list though! I think Jon's EN line would make for some great lil petties Even if you opt for the octagonal? What fun is a knife that comes perfect out of the box?!
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    TF now 20% more expensive

    I'm not gonna lie, I check up here for the TF drama (insert popcorn emoji, p.s. what happened to the cool knife emojis and whatnot?) Is the nashiji line still worth it? Wanted a petty but never got around to ordering. Any better budget alternatives for a 135mm or under stainless-clad or...
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    Wakui 240mm Gyuto- best value knife under $200. Prove me wrong!

    Hi, I am DanDan and I want a Wakui edit: cool I hit the triple digits
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    Searching for a <$200 gyuto

    In short: Listen to the recommendations from this forum. Your most economical bet is ordering direct from Japan to Canada (re: shipping rates, import taxes & conversion), but I do not have a good specific recommendation for this right now. K&S Tanaka is also economical and highly recommended...
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    TF Customer, No More

    My favourite Jon posts are where he drops in from nowhere questioning something posted on the forum... Anyway, if TF doesn't want to resolve it I say send it off for the fix. But now I'm curious whether it is a straight edge with a bent spine. I'd like to hear some testing results. I'm...
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    Masakage Yuki 150 honesuki

    Do you mind me asking your progression? If it's too off topic for this thread I'll PM you.
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    :lol2: When I first saw the video I thought that piece of food on it was a GIANT chip
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    But think of all the shiny colourful handles that could go on these!!!!! Speaking of handles, Maksim why do you love D-shaped so much? :(
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    Help me find a new 10" Gyotu <$800cad!

    Literally "I have a unnecessarily high budget and just want whatever I think looks pretty to me" the thread. Are you not even paying attention to the fine recommendations/advice the members are giving you here? What's the point of making a thread? Chef Doom: :happy2:
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    (Budget) Funayukis - Who's Selling?

    Show off!! At least I know I'm not alone in my funayuki attraction though :rofl2: Are there any other vendors of Tosa than Hida (preferably with better handles)? It's a shame EE is out of the 165mm Murata, and everywhere else seems to be too. Nice blade with a solid handle. I found another...