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  1. pentryumf

    Show your newest knife buy

    I think this is the last nail in the coffin, as the saying goes. I stumbled upon a maker in Belgium, originally was eyeing an sc125 integral 8inch. Wound up falling for the shorter crucible integral with antler and mammoth molar. 165/47 @ 150g. Technically a gift with a yellow cedar slip. (might...
  2. pentryumf

    Show your newest knife buy

    Was this a special order? It's mesmerizing and entrancing; I would look at the hamon for days. I can only imagine how great it feels in hand.
  3. pentryumf

    WTB Gesshin Kagekiyo blue 1 k tip

    well it just so happens that I don't have a 240, so good luck on the hunt. This is a great series and have beautiful balance, nimble and beautiful lacquer work. I love my 270 but not using it much anymore.
  4. pentryumf

    WTB Gesshin Kagekiyo blue 1 k tip

    Pamarill0, Do you have a preference of 210, 240 or 270? I will polish and put a new edge on it.
  5. pentryumf

    Show your newest knife buy

    @P.Smash : what type of steel? That is a serious mf_badd ass cutter.
  6. pentryumf

    Show your newest knife buy

    Show me a craftsperson that's not eccentric or weird! Hopefully the pc of that statement doesn't rub the wrong way. Bourdain was an oddball and I would give a kidney to have had lunch with him.
  7. pentryumf

    Show your newest knife buy

    @marc4pt0 Such a beautiful pattern! Was this a full custom design? Does it retain edge well?
  8. pentryumf

    Show your newest knife buy

    Marc, is that bulat sanmai? If so what is the core steel? Such a gorgeous combination with the black hornbeam.
  9. pentryumf

    WTS Yanagi/Utility Western Honyaki 175mm

    Friz, Can you take a choil shot please? And the weight is?
  10. pentryumf

    Who I am, what I'm about.

    Daniel, is it possible to determine the quality of the mineral content from the micrographs? Is there any insight into the forging process that can be garnered from the resulting grain pattern of the wootz metal/process?
  11. pentryumf

    Unicorns come and go

    Did you seriously make a sword, and if true can I see a picture of it? Please?
  12. pentryumf

    Best wood/material for kitchen knife handles and why

    Judging by your background - I am guessing that Osage is local to you? 0such an awesome look to the wood when lightly burnt. Also super rot resistent, big plus.
  13. pentryumf

    WTS Martell 52100 240 mm Lava

    Horsemover, Do you happen to know the handle material? Beautiful!!
  14. pentryumf

    WTS Toyama 210mm Dami Ion clad Gyuto

    Ma_Sha, Is it a 'd' righty? And what's the core?
  15. pentryumf

    Bought Aoto jnat

    Did you like the Aoto in terms of feedback? Is the tanba Aoto quick to release particles? Just bought 2 Bernal aoto's 1.6 - 1.7kg. One stone is going to a friend who's just getting into jnats.
  16. pentryumf

    WTS Tanaka Kyuzo ku 240 b1

    Very nice, I am a fan of some heft, what's the core steel?
  17. pentryumf

    Oh no, I went over board, choosing 2 out of 3

    Just my 2¢ but if you got the nakiri for a song and you enjoy using it, keep it. Ditch the santoku it's redundant, the kramer is heavy. In a year reevaluate and sell the gyuto if you find another good deal. The nakiri was my first quality purchase and is still my goto, along with a honesuki.
  18. pentryumf

    WTS Marko Western Honesuki, 150mm (lefty)

    Very nice example of Marko's work. Do you happen to know the HT? And could I trouble you for a choil shot please?
  19. pentryumf

    WTB belgian coticule

    On the lookout for a used coticule for straight razors. If you are wanting to sell whatever you have please let me know...Would also consider a trade for a jnat. Thank you,
  20. pentryumf

    lets have a new razor thread.

    @Mattus, wisdom written. "I want to enjoy the gliding of the blade on my Nakayama not have a piece of plastic in the way." This matches my feeling in the tape discussion. Spine thickness must decrease with width of cutting face to remain a comfortable cutting experience.