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  1. J

    WTS Two Sporting Knives: Bob Dozier Arkansas Traveler & Benchmade Griptilian Sheepsfoot

    I have two sporting knives for sale. I know these aren't exactly "on target" with this forum, but I figured I'd give it a shot anyway. First is an as-new Bob Dozier Arkansas Traveler in D2 with Antique Ivory Linen Micarta scales and a Right Handed Kydex Belt Sheath. $250 Paypal'ed and...
  2. J

    WTS Toyama 210mm Gyuto

    SOLD I have a Toyama 210mm Gyuto up for sale. (211mm x 49mm x 174g) I am the second owner. This knife has seen limited used over the last year and a half in my home kitchen, and it is in great shape. It's just a bit short for my taste--I wanted to try a 210 and picked this one, and while I...
  3. J

    help with moderate-budget daily workhorse

    You could get a used Toyama 210mm Gyuto for that.
  4. J

    WTS Kato 80mm Petty

    I'm glad you passed it along. It was a great introduction to Japanese knives!
  5. J

    WTS Kato 80mm Petty

  6. J

    WTT Trade Interest: I have Toyama 210 & 240 Gyutos and I want Shi Han 240 Gyuto & Toyama 300 Sujihikih

    I'm putting this out there as a trade interest. Here's what I have: I have a Toyama 210mm Gyuto that I bought here as the second owner. Excellent used condition. I also have a Toyama 270mm Gyuto that I bought new from JNS that has been very lightly used (basically I chopped some cabbage on...
  7. J

    WTS Kato 80mm Petty

    Sale pending
  8. J

    WTS Kato 80mm Petty

    SOLD I bought this knife from a fellow on this forum in Germany a few years ago. (He had bought it from JNS and used it for a review that he published here before selling it to me.) It was actually my first high end knife, but the reality was that I just didn't use it much. Prepping...
  9. J

    WTS Wakui 240 suji, Dan Prendergast 225 chef's, Mazaki parer

    Sending a PM about the Dan Pendergrast.
  10. J

    WTB Looking for a Shi.Han / Ginrei 210mm Gyuto 52100 Kurouchi

    Precisely! (But thanks for the heads-up.)
  11. J

    WTB Looking for a Shi.Han / Ginrei 210mm Gyuto 52100 Kurouchi

    As the title says, I'm looking for a used 210mm Shi.han / Ginrei Gyuto. If you have one you're interested in selling, please let me know (a photo would be appreciated!) Thanks in advance!
  12. J

    Folding Knife Made from Japanese Steel?

    readheads, other than mentioning a folding knife, your post was not relevant to the questions I asked. That this is a kitchen knife forum doesn't make anything within that broad topic open game within any given thread. Does Roland make quality folding knives of Japanese Blue or White Paper steel?
  13. J

    Folding Knife Made from Japanese Steel?

    Yeah, I have a carbon Opinel that I really like. It's easy to sharpen and makes a great picnic knife. Really, I'm looking for White or Blue Paper Steel here or other carbon steel. I really dislike VG-10 and I don't want D2, which I see some makers using.
  14. J

    Folding Knife Made from Japanese Steel?

    I saw Murray Carter's most recent newsletter that announced that he's in the process of developing a folding knife, and it got me wondering, "who else makes foldings knives out of blue and white paper steel?" I like a good pocket knife, and, while I value a stout western knife made of...
  15. J

    Kramer Picnic Knife 2.0

    So this is ok on the forum?
  16. J

    Munetoshi wa butcher, how to do you sharpen it?

    I have this knife, and I absolutely love it. And this has to be the best description of this knife I've heard yet. I hadn't thought of the steak knife half of the equation, but every time I take it down from the magnet, the axe lineage comes to mind. It has that solidity, heft, and toughness.
  17. J

    Masamoto KS 240mm Gyuto KS3124 Available Soon

    I think it brings into play information that is (1) not particularly relevant yet might influence sales and (2) information that could be impossible to define and verify. (1) Is it relevant if I was given the knife as a gift by a family member, bought it used at 50% retail, or bought it new...
  18. J

    Masamoto KS 240mm Gyuto KS3124 Available Soon

    Hi, I'm late to this party, and I have no stake in this, but how do we define "ripping off" exactly? It seems to me that if someone honestly advertises (i.e. accurate description of of use history and condition) a knife for any price and someone pays that price, then no one was "ripped off."...
  19. J

    Toyama, Carter, Shig Nakiri

    PM sent on the Toyama 210mm Gyuto