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  1. dsk

    Low heel gyuto profile for lefties

    Ah yeah hd2 was definitely looked at as well. No doubt I'll have to pick one up eventually, maybe a chromax if cktg puts it on sale for like 100 bucks again as I'm not super hot for lasers. Overall seems yoshikane gets a thumbs up which is good. It seems to hit most of my criteria. Only thing...
  2. dsk

    Low heel gyuto profile for lefties

    Curious to hear from the other southpaws, what are our best options for symmetry and sub 50mm heels? I've generally favored taller sanjo knives (many makers seem to provide the best neutral grinds) but lately I've been wanting something short. Most interested in lefty user feedback on...
  3. dsk

    Lefty Stay Aways

    The new profile is only in 240 white, and the 210 and 240 sld. They list both the old and new, though that may have changed if they ran out of old profile stock. *270 sld too it looks like His sld is pretty sweet, let my dad use one and hes like a pissed off orc with knives and the edge never...
  4. dsk

    Lefty Stay Aways Less torpedo and more watoyama bordering on santoku
  5. dsk

    Lefty Stay Aways

    Yeah those are pretty, I like burnt handles over the yoshihiro ones, though their handles are pretty good too. I think if I were to go masashi route again I might go for the aframes updated profile sld. I just want to try a 210mm red handle first, since it seems the pro is never in stock, and...
  6. dsk

    Lefty Stay Aways

    The other way would be useful as well: which brands are most lefty friendly. So far wakui, maz, masashi and tanaka have been pretty good to me I think, I know I want to try a takamura next. My munetoshi petty is close, I hand picked the more even one between two. Seems sakai tends to have...
  7. dsk

    First Gyuto

    Iirc, walnut is generally good as well, slightly softer than maple
  8. dsk

    First Gyuto

    edge grain maple will be fine, still better than bamboo and a fair amount cheaper than end grain. There are quite a few other wood options but maple is the easiest one to get in usa. JKI restocks are completely up in the air, and that's mostly on the manufacturer's end. they generally dont have...
  9. dsk

    First Gyuto

    tanaka ginsan, jki en, yoshikane skd, all would fill your budget. takamura chromax or r2, jns kaeru, jki uraku would be a bit below allowing a stone purchase, probably a shapton 1k. There are too many good knives that come in slightly over budget ($250 range) to really bother listing
  10. dsk

    SOLD Watanabe suji takamura petty

    are taks symmetrical enough for us southpaws?
  11. dsk

    Looking for a new general use knife.

    If ur going knifewear haruyuki line I'd spring a little more cash for the yokuma/kuma srs15 which is also on sale. My understanding is these need slight thinning to really sing but it should blow you away regardless if you've never used a jknife. Theres a ton of info buried in the forums...
  12. dsk

    Cutting food in the sheet pan. Ugh.

    This hurts my everything. You need some stainless beater labeled "baking needs"
  13. dsk

    WTS CCK 1302, Newham Utility

    But theres no clear edit button a few days after posting, am I missing something I've checked on chrome desktop and my phone.
  14. dsk

    WTS CCK 1302, Newham Utility

    newham sold. ok whats the deal how do i change a prefix to sold
  15. dsk

    Yoshikane Vs Wakui

    It's probably hard to judge without a single person owning both but yoshi has a track record of slightly differing grinds between vendors, though that could just be at their request
  16. dsk

    Yes I NEED two bunka

    Agreed totally. I'd keep knives closer to where dishes or spices are if I were to build a rack setup.
  17. dsk

    Looking to buy a tougher stainless laser to use at work.

    Yes yes I know what jon did for his version but I was curious if anyone has used both just for comparisons sake
  18. dsk

    Looking to buy a tougher stainless laser to use at work.

    Any experience between standard and gesshin hrc?
  19. dsk

    WTS CCK 1302, Newham Utility Selling two knives I don't use at all. Price includes shipping and PP, conus only. Local pickup in Phoenix available at reduced price. 1) SOLD CCK 1302. Bought from waaw1331 on ebay. It's the middle size, much lighter in hand than I thought something like this would...