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    Withdrawn Yoshiaki Fujiwara rare knife

    Aren't the serrations and bevel on the right side ? So I think this is a right y
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    Withdrawn Yoshiaki Fujiwara rare knife

    What kind of special traditional sword polishing do these have
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    Deba: have I been doing it wrong?

    You can also use two debas. . . . one sharpened with a stouter edge for bones, and one only for fine fillet work. The stouter edge one may or may not be a cheaper knife . .. you could use a more expensive one as long as it sharpened to be tougher for that purpose
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    My heel is too rough for pinch grip, how to fix?

    The black color of the kurouchi can get scratched off with normal use, but the pitting (which are hammer marks) doesn't go away with normal use. Kurouchi is iron oxide, which is harder than steel, but softer than some abrasives. The pits are quite a bit below the surface, and you'd have to sand...
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    Show your newest knife buy

    I am so hyped for this knife. Never seen a white 1 denka.
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    My heel is too rough for pinch grip, how to fix?

    Those pits are hammer marks from the manufacturing. As I had said, kurouchi are generally less finished . . . so these aesthetic imperfections and non-uniformities are still there. The splotchiness is within the range "normal" . . . there are makers who have a more uniform kurouchi with fewer...
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    My heel is too rough for pinch grip, how to fix?

    The kurouchi finish is just residual iron oxide scale from the heat-treat process. . . iron oxide is more rust-resistant than the silver-colored soft iron underneath (but neither are rust-proof). Kurouchi is something that can go away with use when cleaning the sides of the knife, so it's not...
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    Microscopic chips after sharpening? PLEASE Help

    Three things can be happening, based on what I've experienced: (1) Grit contamination on any of the stones. Which is larger or loose particles on the stone from previous stones or from sand, dirt, etc. The leather especially . . .if the knife edge is thin and if you're stropping hard or fast...
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    One end of the stone is thicker

    I think while sharpening I wear down the part of the stone that is far away from me. Because you can sharpen near the edge of the stone that is far a way from you. But if you try that with the edge close to you, you have a greater risk of the knife falling off the stone.
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    Blue vs White for Honyaki

    The blue vs white for carbon carries over into honyaki for sharpening, retention, sharpness, patina color. If i remember correctly, I was told by JKI that a decent number of craftsman think their white 2 honyaki is their best all around work in term of balance of steel properties.
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    Withdrawn Gesshin Ginga 240mm white 2 wa-gyuto

    Looking for a Gesshin Ginga 240mm white 2 wa-gyuto, since they are out of stock. Would like the accompanying saya with it. There can be patina, the saya can be dirty, as long as there's only been light sharpening. Thinning (if you did do it), microchips, are fine. Thanks. EDIT: Nvm, I'll just...
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    Cutting Knife Skills and Technique Videos

    Just be careful cause mangos are slippery as hell.
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    Takamura R2 vs VG10

    The ginga has a mostly similar grind, but the steel is supposed to be a good bit tougher. They do have western handled stainless i think at carbonknifeco.
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    An update for our store during the Covid-19 craziness

    Having handled stuff from both, I would be too.
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    Any experience with the JKI synthetic natural?

    Only tried it. Really toothy. Definitely teeth on teeth on teeth like natural stones, but with the sharper grit shape that synthetics seem to have. Only tried it on iron clad blue and japanese soft stainless and worked well. It was permasoaked. Good feedback too.
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    Deburring on soft metal

    I made a light cut on the soft stainless. I haven't tried a sharpening angle yet, but I will. I did use to do really high angle edge leading strokes too when I was experimenting with other stuff.
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    Deburring on soft metal

    I had an annoying burr after thinning a white 2 iron clad gyuto. I had a soft stainless bowl nearby and super gently ran the wire edge on it. Then I sharpened with light pressure and the burr came off really cleanly. I repeated this process a couple times and finished with stropping. I got a...
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    Whats the deal with micro chipping???????????????????

    I was vague, so that's fair. I meant two cases: a thicker edge from a higher angle, or a thicker knife knife behind the edge. For instance I could put a 45 degree bevel on a straight razor, and it would still be super fragile. For knives, it's not as extreme. . . but it is something I...
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    Oouichi vs Hideriyama

    Yeah I agree.
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    Whats the deal with micro chipping???????????????????

    in your food unfortunately, or on the board. Its so small I don't really care . . . it's small enough to go in between teeth, at the micro-chipping scale which, is like 1/10 of a mm to .5 mm at most. I mean, a knife is damaged when it chips, but that tiny chip is so easily repaired that it...