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    180 mm Z wear petty pre-order (6 of them)

    I have a petty in Zwear from Harbeer of roughly the same dimensions. Even with a heel height of around 34mm, I find it handy for board work. Love the handles on these @HSC /// Knives
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    Milan Gravier Gyuto Passaround

    I'm in if that's cool.
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    "Best" cuts of beef

    I use it as the only meat when I cook at home. If I were doing it for a restaurant, I'd add some pork or beef to bump up the fat.
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    "Best" cuts of beef

    Assuming it's Angus or an Angus cross I'd say ask about these: Denver aka Boneless Short Rib -- Ask for this one whole. You can cut it into steaks, but I'd recommend smoking it like brisket. Also makes great stew or if you must... grind. Bavette aka Sirloin Flap, Vacío -- Better than skirt...
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    Appetizer Ravioli of Duck Confit and Shiitake Mushrooms

    Don't know how I missed this. Really nice plating and looks delicious. I will give this a shot.
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    "Best" cuts of beef

    @AT5760 Is this going to be an Angus steer?
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    Wrought iron san mai

    Looks awesome, Harbeer.
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    Knife for Breaking down a beef tenderloin

    Around Christmas I spend a lot of time doing standing rib roasts and beef tenderloin roasts. I used a cheap 270mm carbon suji this past holiday season with pretty good success. I was surprised how much I liked it for trimming tenderloin (PSMO). Still prefer something else but it was kind of...
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    FS narrow funayuki 8"

    Beautiful knife, Harbeer!
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    Storing used frying oil

    Run through a chinois and then through a paper filter to get what the chinois missed. Assuming it's not too hot in your kitchen, that oil should be fine for a long time in a container that keeps air and light out. I would not suggest keeping oil in any sort of plastic container, though. You...
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    SOLD Marko Tsourkan 269mm WH Gyuto

    Would be all over this (and many, many other of your knives you've listed) if this weren't 270mm. Still, very tempting and a hell of a deal. Marko's stuff is top-notch and @ashy2classy is great to deal with. If you've got the board space, pull the trigger!
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    Salt in the burgers

    Mixing salt in before grind will definitely help with binding, but affects the texture significantly. Just like pizza, there are lots of different burger styles. I work somewhere where we're famous-ish locally and regionally known for our burgers. We dice the meat, salt, grind, and mix...
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    WTS Mattia borrani chef knife

    You might want to add more details such as steel, size, weight, etc, if they are available to you.
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    Pass Around: Cris Anderson 245mm gyuto, Nitro-V

    Here are some of my thoughts: As everyone could already tell from the photos, fit and finish are phenomenal. This knife is a looker. Handle is very comfortable and I didn't really feel the angle of the heel to get in the way except the first time I pull cut. It was an easy correction to...
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    Pork loin temperature?

    @nexus1935 139°F sounds good to me for pork loin. My preferred temp on loin (longissimus dorsi) is still 135°F. I'd never go above 137°F on a TENDERloin (psoas).
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    Pork loin temperature?

    People do this with eggs to imitate the texture of traditionally soft boiled eggs. Kind of funny to see people using them as water ovens now but makes sense to me.
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    Who makes the best Japanese knives

    TFTFTFTFTF Just kidding. Not that TF is bad, but certainly has a cult following of sort. You can certainly learn a lot about Japanese knives and makers from members much more knowledgeable than I around here. Another route is to work with a vendor who is trustworthy and can steer you in the...
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    Pork loin temperature?

    What's the reason behind that? The meat has a gradient of doneness that reminds customers of a more "traditional" cook?
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    Pass Around: Cris Anderson 245mm gyuto, Nitro-V

    @Barashka picked up the knife this evening. I'll do a write-up in the next couple of days. Thanks for doing this @thebradleycrew ! Great opportunity to try a knife that are hard to get and to many, cost prohibitive.