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    Help with unknown knife

    It is engraved Ganryu Saku 巖流 作 (Made by Ganryu). Although it "could" be W2 even at JY6300, I agree that it is likely Yellow Paper or SK5. The Tatetogi 立研 on the box label means a "rough sharpening" which is usually seen on those latter steels. It is marked Ajikiri アジ切 which is a small Deba for...
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    Another newbie asking for help to identify a knife

    Hisanari 久也
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    Another "help to identify" thread

    Can't read that First kanji above Take 岳. No such character I know of. Might be some really stylized shortened version of a known character. But really, no idea.
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    More kanji id

    Top part is Seiunkou 星雲鋼 Below that is Ooyama Eiju 大山 永寿 Maker is Kirin Hamono. One of the sloppiest unreadable engravings I've
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    My Tojiro DP is struggling against sweet potato/pumpkins, what to do?

    Definitely thin the DP, it makes an enormous difference. And as others point out, push/pull through vegetables like Kabocha. Do not force straight down. The Tojiro R2 powder steel series need no thinning at all, a completely different experience.
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    Helping ID a knife

    I have two Hiromoto AS knives and won't let them go ever. Next time I end up in Kyoto (some day when this Covid19 stuff is history I guess) I intend to take a look at Aritsugu's Heijouippin line which I believe are AS core.
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    Kanji ID

    Yes district in Tokyo. That's the steel used Ginsan 銀三(silver three)
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    Deba: have I been doing it wrong?

    No. I have been using the low end KK series with no issues at all.
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    Deba: have I been doing it wrong?

    I always assumed it came out the other end provided it was small and harmless enough. But if larger I am sure it will stand out in an X-ray.
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    Deba: have I been doing it wrong?

    Surprised you have much chipping with mostly fillet work. I assumed it was mostly from head removal. Yes, I find the sweet spot, and let the ago part (heel) of my Masamoto do the work.
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    Deba: have I been doing it wrong?

    That's wrong. Yes it goes through bone, but it also removes the fillets off the backbone. I have never chipped any of my Debas which have been in use 20-30 years. How do you remove the head and tail? Do you push down with your left hand on the spine of the blade?
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    Kanji ID

    Asakusabashi 浅草橋 Morihara 森平
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    Kanji id

    Looks like Kappabashi 合羽橋 Tsubaya. 鍔屋
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    Kanji id

    兼松 作 kanematsu saku 銀三鋼 ginsan kou
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    Better options than a Zwillings Pro to go along side / supplant a Tojiro DP

    [ QUOTE="M1k3, post: 697811, member: 36871"] Smashing garlic is a western cooking technique. Japanese knives are not made for it. Can it be done? Yes, of course. You "can" do anything with any knife. No chef trained in Wa-shoku smashes garlic for the simple reason that appearance is high...
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    Better options than a Zwillings Pro to go along side / supplant a Tojiro DP

    Japanese knives are not used for other than cutting/slicing, so smashing garlic with the side of the blade for example is not really taken into account. For your chicken bones, there are dedicated honesuki, garasuki knives, as well as double beveled western debas. But none of these will give you...
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    "Go-to" Entry Level Brands ?

    If a western handle I would recommend with bolster if given a choice. I've seem quite a few knives damaged over the years by moisture trapped between the blade and scales on non-bolstered knives.
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    looking for information on where I can buy this knife ?

    It has been rumored for some time in Japan that he has people bid up and are part of the show. The first question one should ask is how that one fish at that auction price could ever pay for itself. The Bluefin was 613 lbs so it should yield 306.5lbs of tuna meat. At USD 3,100,000 that would be...
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    looking for information on where I can buy this knife ?

    The price paid at auction by Kimura Kiyoshi is really a marketing show for his chain of sushi restaurants called Sushi Zanmai. He has done this several years and people in Japan recognize it for what it is. The auction price makes no sense economically.
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    Help ID those knifes :)

    The first photo on left has the correct 2 Kanji characters. But it does not appear to be authentic. As you correctly point out, the actual way it's written is as appears on the box below. However Shigefusa uses a very stylized version on their knives. Here is their sign at their shop. The...