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  1. Beau Nidle

    SOLD 230mm stainless gyuto

    Another knife for sale! I went monosteel on this one, RWL-34 heat treated to around 61-62HRC. The grind is kind of a workhorse towards the heel with a significant distal taper, but still chunky, if that makes sense. 230mm length 49mm height 230grams Spine thickness - 3mm at the handle, 2.7mm...
  2. Beau Nidle

    Anyone else get the Hattori KD email?

    Woke up yesterday morning to an email from Koki at JCK saying they had some KD's in stock for those who've been on the waiting list for them (like me since 2009). Of course the price was a little (!) higher than they were back in the day, but I went to the website anyway...every single one of...
  3. Beau Nidle

    WTS 225mm stainless damascus gyuto

    Nice knife that really I'm only selling because of a mix-up in my Damascus order from VegasForge. I ordered fireball and got raindrop. Anyway, specs: 225mm length 49mm height 230grams VegasForge Damascus, stainless (AEB-L and 302, same as used by Devin Thomas in his stainless damascus)...
  4. Beau Nidle

    Hello, I'm Paul, a British Knifemaker

    Well I decided to take the jump to hobbyist and so I'd like to start with a little about me and then we'll get straight on to the knives. I work mainly as an artist in the north east of England. I do a lot of work with movie prop replicas for collectors and costumers, very occasionally for small...
  5. Beau Nidle

    Anyone use plate quenching?

    So I have an electric oven on the way so I can HT stainless, and I'm curious about plate quenching. Does anyone here use it? Is there an ideal material for the plates, and how big should they be? Any info would be appreciated.
  6. Beau Nidle

    Experiments in forging

    I got an anvil a while ago and while I mainly intended to use it for larger stuff, I also thought I'd give it a go for kitchen knives. If I'm quite honest I find forging more fun than useful most of the time, unless you're hugely bothered about cutting off a few edges of your billet to shape a...
  7. Beau Nidle

    Gyuto wip

    A while back I picked up an offcut of damasteel (half price!) from my steel supplier with the intention of making a gyuto out of it. It wasn't ideal, being 4mm thick when usually I'd start with 3mm but I figured what the hell. Mistake number one. I roughed out the profile, realising too late...
  8. Beau Nidle

    Heat treat oven?

    Just wanted to get some thoughts from the guys who do their own heat treating, did you buy an oven, or build one? I'm on a couple of other forums and the universal answer seems to be 'why buy, just build your own!'. I'd rather not, but I'd like to hear what you did and why you went that route...
  9. Beau Nidle

    I've been bitten by the saya bug - the repeat

    Posted this earlier in another section, just realised it should really have been here. Sorry! I've made a couple of leather sheaths for knives recently, which got me wondering how hard it would be to make a wooden one. I got some bass wood having seen it recommended by someone for sayas, and...
  10. Beau Nidle

    Trade? Delbert Ealy for shige kitaeji?

    I know this is probably a long shot, but no harm in asking...does anyone want to trade their shig kitaeji 240 gyuto for a Delbert Ealy 240 damascus? This is my original sale thread with pics (sorry for posting another thread...
  11. Beau Nidle

    Delbert Ealy

    Hey all, haven't been able to get on here much at all, but Dave gave me permission to sell this here despite my low post count because of my time around the forums in general. I'm having to sell my Delbert Ealy knife because of general hard times. I have modified it slightly, but nothing...
  12. Beau Nidle

    Hi all

    Since all the cool kids are over here, I thought I'd join up. Looking forward to that endless parade of knives I can't have.