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  1. QCDawg

    Japanese filet knife / name / style ID?

    This one has me stumped.. 2:17 of the video... thin honesuki? Strange triangular suji? Peculiar deba? I gotta know!
  2. QCDawg

    Withdrawn Sukenari ZDP-189 “Hairline” 210 Gyuto

    Ships with edge guard. Sorry, no box. $250 shipped CONUS
  3. QCDawg

    SOLD Mazaki w2 core Yoshihiro Nashiji KU 240 Sujihiki w/ saya

    Great shape. Gently used. MEAN azzed cutter. Good “short suji/ line knife”. These are OOS and have been for a while. $250 and I’ll ship it to u and handle PP fees CONUS
  4. QCDawg

    Withdrawn Hinoura Stainless Clad /W1 KU 210 Gyuto

    It’s a gem. Barely used. The JCK version. Check their website for additions details. Gorgeous. It’s a Hinoura .. it’s awesome. $275 and I will ship CONUS.
  5. QCDawg

    SOLD Masamoto KS Wa Petty 165mm

    mono steel shirogami 2 So thin. Excellent condition Sold out for years @ JCK: You’ve never seen a better silver skin removal tool.. $235 and I will handle CONUS shipping...
  6. QCDawg

    SOLD Shigefusa KU 165mm Nakiri

    Beautiful nakiri. Light patina. Very little use. Edge is paper towel cutting sharp. $275. Happy 2 discuss shipping.
  7. QCDawg

    Withdrawn Very Rare Spyderco Caly 3 Aogami Super Sprint Run folder

    Rare as hen’s teeth. Discontinued for years. Beautiful patina. Only stropped. No stones. Specs: Pics: $275 and I will ship CONUS
  8. QCDawg

    SOLD Mazaki 270 Kasumi Gyuto 2nd Gen BNIB JNS

    Catch and release. Brand new. Only looked at. Too big for me. Flipping gorgeous too. Only JNS has the 270. My loss. Ur gain. $275 and CONUS shipping.
  9. QCDawg

    SOLD Masamoto KS 240 Gyuto Marble Ferrule (3124/ Shirogami Steel).

    $325 w/ CONUS shipping 2018 version. Extremely good condidition. Patina could be easily removed. But you might want it...
  10. QCDawg

    SOLD Gesshin Heiji Semi Stainless 270 Gyuto w/ saya

    Catch and release. Used on an onion and a grilled cheese. Gorgeous example from Jon @ Japanese Knife imports. He rounded all the edges and put a beautiful kasumi finish and edge on it. Just too big for...
  11. QCDawg

    SOLD Masamoto KS 240mm Gyuto 3124 and Masamoto KS Petty 165mm

    ”New stock” KS 240mm gyuto (from JCK, 2018). Blond ferrule. Very lightly used, touched up on 6000 stones. Sharp. Cool, stable patina. Saya and box. The works. $375 shipped CONUS Masamoto KS 165mm petty. Black ferrule. Honed, never needed the...
  12. QCDawg

    SOLD Aritsugu Gokinko Western 240 Gyuto w/ saya and box

    Super cool knife. Takeshi put the initial edge on it, has only needed stropping since then. 50/50 bevel (not A-style). TOUGH as nails. Haven’t had so much as a microchip. And pretty damn stainless. Rosewood handle is kinda nice too. This is sold out on Aframes site. I have $203 in it...
  13. QCDawg

    SOLD 180mm Shigefusa Kasumi Gyuto

    Used twice. Mirror polished and fine tuned by Kasumi Kev / Murdersharp. Comes with saya and box. $650 and CONUS shipping on me.
  14. QCDawg

    WTS Takeda 210 NAS Gyuto w/ saya

    Really unique 210. Huge. 228 x 65 mm. Shoulders eased and tuned up by Kasumi Kevin Pelligrino @ Murdersharp. Came from Carbon Knife, Craig picked it special... saya is great. $370 new for the set. I’ll do $295 and handle Conus shipping.
  15. QCDawg

    SOLD Suisin Inox Honyaki Wa Sujihiki 270

    With /box and saya. Immaculate condition. $395 and I will ship (CONUS).
  16. QCDawg

    SOLD Konosuke HD2 240 Khii Laurel w/ saya and box

    1 month old. $365 I’ll handle shipping (CONUS).
  17. QCDawg

    SOLD Gesshin Ittetsu 180mm White #2 single bevel petty/ yanagi

    sold out at JKI. Blade “opened up” by Kevin Pelligrino @ Murdersharp. Very cool “mini yanagi”. W/ box and saya. $225.00
  18. QCDawg

    SOLD Yoshikane Tamamoku Damascus 270 Yanagiba

    Let’s try this again.. Yoshikane v2 core Tamamoku (Damascus) 270mm Yanagiba Burnt chestnut handle. Never used, edge "opened up" by Kevin Pelligrino @ Murdersharp $395.00
  19. QCDawg

    SOLD Bloodroot Granite Sawblade Steel 185mm Blackwood / Pecan Gyuto NIB

    Never used. Just stared at her Since Sept. 2017. She’s pretty. The Blackwood is from a clarinet factory in Paris. I paid $575. So can you. http://www.bloodroot
  20. QCDawg

    SOLD Toyama 270 Gyuto Damascus

    Gently used. Never sharpened. Out of stock at JNS. $650 Shipping negotiable