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    WTB Seeking a entry level 150mm Petty

    I'm looking for an 150mm petty to round out a set of knives I am gifting to a friend. Not looking spend a lot since this will be his first set of proper knives. I am curious to see what is available. Length: 150 will consider 135 Handle: prefer Wa but westerns are fine Steel: Stainless or...
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    Misono 61 Cleaver

    I've received this Misono 61 Cleaver sometime ago but never moved away from my carbon cleaver. I don't use cleavers often enough to have two. Blade: 190mm Height: 95mm Spine: 2.2 mm Weight: 320g This is unused and BNIB. It's thin and lightweight which gives a really nimble feel in hand...
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    Marko Tsourkan 230 AEB-L Gyuto

    I picked this up early 2017 but it hasn't seen much usage. I can't justify keep the number gyutos I have and need to thin the herd. Maker: Marko Tsourkan Length: 230mm Height 51mm Steel: AEB-L Handle is: Quilted Maple and Ebony. The blade is based on a Masamoto KS profile. As usual...
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    Sakai Yusuke Extra Thin 240 Gyuto in White#2

    Sakai Yusuke Extra Thin 240 Gyuto White#2 Measurements Spine at heel: 1.75 mm Spine at approximate midpoint: 1.45 mm Spine about one inch from tip: 1.0 mm Heel: 48 mm It has seen some moderate home usage, but has been stored for a while now. There is some scuffing on the both side...
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    Tanaka Ginsanko Nashiji Gyuto 240mm

    Tanaka Ginsanko Nashiji Gyuto 240mm I am the second owner of this knife and bought it on a whim, but it never got much use. It was rehandled with a Ebony and Buffalo Horn handle from AFrames Tokyo (Done by previous owner). The handle shows so some usage but can be sanded/refinished. It comes...
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    Konosuke 240 GS+

    Konosuke 240mm GS+ SLD Semi Stainless Core. Stainless Clad. Spine at heel is 2.1mm Spine at midpoint is 1.7mm Spine approximately one inch from the tip is 1.0mm Heel is 49.7mm In like new condition. Used to cut some mushrooms and broccoli but hasn't been used since then. Asking $215...
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    HHH Production 240 Gyuto

    HHH Production 240 Gyuto from This one of Randy's Production Gyutos he had made to his specifications by Lamson & Goodnow. It's made of AEB-L heat treated using Randy's spec to RC 60-61. This knife was from his first run of 100 and is #42. Unfortunately, I lost the original box with the...
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    Gesshin Uraku 165mm SKD Nakiri

    Gesshin Uraku 165mm SKD Nakiri It's essentially brand new except it has cut half a Napa cabbage. Seems like a great Nakiri with a nice grind and SKD is great semi-stainless. I bought this as a gift for my mother as lighter, smaller replacement for her older carbon cleaver, but she prefers...
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    Kramer Zwilling Henckels 10" 52100

    Bob Kramer Zwilling Henckels 10" Chef Knife in 52100. Brand New in Box. I got this on a whim and around the same time I got to test drive another10" Zwilling Henckels Kramer. His blade profile just isn't for me. Asking $310 include Insured Priority Mail shipping and Paypal fees.
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    Sakai Yusuke and Ginga Alert

    For all those who have been trying to score Sakai Yusuke Gyuto or a Ashi Hamono Ginga It appears Keiichi @ BluewayJapan got a very small restock of a 240 Gyutos in stainless. Get em' while they are hot.
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    Entry to Mid Level Wa Gyuto 210mm (other requirements inside).

    Long story short a female co-worker and good friend mentions how much she hates her knives at home because she feels they are all dull. She wants a sharp knife but not sure what to get other than it needs to be small because has only used them her entire life. Of course I crack open my knife...
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    Thermapen One Day Sale

    The title pretty much says it all. Thermoworks SPLASH-PROOF SUPER-FAST ® THERMAPEN is on sale for 76.80 + 3.99 shipping. It's about a 20% discount. I would have posted earlier but didn't see this until now.
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    Visiting DC 10/6 thru 10/8

    I know there are several DC/MD threads going on right now but I didn't want to hijack one so I started my own. I just found out I will be visiting DC from 10/06 thru 10/08 and wanted to know if there were any KKF member's restaurants or restaurants in general I should visit. Thanks in advance
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    FS - Rodrigue Mid Tech 240

    This knife was sort of an impulse purchase when I was looking for thin gyutos. There is no doubt the Rodrigue is thin and has quite a profile but its just not for me. I believe it was owned by two other people other than myself. I only used it on 2 occasions to cut some vegetables for dinner and...
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    FS - Ashi Hamono Stainless Ginga 210 Wa Gyuto

    I got a 240mm and 210mm Ginga Wa-Guyto at the same time figuring I would use both but I always use my 240, so the 210 is up for sale. The knife was used to cut one tomato and has been stored in the original box. The photos aren't the greatest but Trying to get $155 which includes shipping in...
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    WTB: Entry Level Gyuto 210mm Stainless

    Hi All, I am looking for an entry level 210mm stainless gyuto. It's for my boss who is an avid home cook but has not used a properly sharpened chef knife. I was thinking along the lines of Togiharu, Tojiro, or Fujiwara, but am open to any manufacture. The only criteria is the knife is in...
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    Thin Gyuto Recommedations / Information

    I am interested in giving the laser/thin class of Gyutos a try and wanted some recommendations on which one(s) I should get. The knives below are the ones I am considering. Konosuke HD Sakai Yusuke Gesshin Ginga Tadatsuna Suisin Inox Honyaki I was leaning toward trying to find a...
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    Strop Setup Recommendations

    I have been off the forums from some time and interested to know what people are using from stropping setup these days. What seems to work best? I noticed that most of the retailers here no longer carry any stropping supplies. Where are people getting their stropping supplies? For...
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    WTB - JCK Carbonext 210 or 240

    Anyone have a CarboNext in 210 or 240 that they want to sell? When they first came out a lot were purchased and then a lot hit the used market but I missed that boat by a year or so now.