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    WTB Toyama Cleaver

    How come people always compare Toyama and Watanabe, is it b/c they are similar/same makers or just similar grinds?
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    WTB Toyama Cleaver

    These were up on JNS a while back and I'd like to try one. Anyone have one that gets little use or willing to let go?
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    WTS Anyru 210mm gyuto and Wat 180mm nakiri

    What steel is the Watanabe?
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    WTS Shig, Watanabe, Wakui, Yoshikane...

    No, I've never used one and didn't mean to come off as negative towards your sale. I've been trying to dig up as much info about the knife as I can since I'm looking for a knife that falls through produce like you mention and the Yoshikane ticks a lot of boxes. The one thing that made me...
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    WTS Shig, Watanabe, Wakui, Yoshikane...

    Just curious, what did you like about the Yoshikane that made it your best gyuto? I've read it still sticks on root veg and it doesn't register as a thin laser to me.
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    Undesirable food reactionn with carbon steels

    Hmm, I do have a few stainless knives but good to know to avoid acidic foods with it, will try again when it has a better patina. I haven't had much time to cook lately and wanted to get some use out of the carbon knives but lesson learned!
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    Undesirable food reactionn with carbon steels

    I recently swapped all my knives for carbon and have a White #2 petty that I cut a mango with today and it smelled terrible. It was a mix of wet dog/cat food, even the mango juice off the blade had that same off taste. Mango itself was delicious and left no bad smells thankfully. Anyone...
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    Takeda K-tip Gyuto 240 + AEB-L Honesuki

    Honesuki and Higos sold. Only the Takeda left
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    Takeda K-tip Gyuto 240 + AEB-L Honesuki

    Discounts if buying multiple items. $340 for the Takeda $45 for the Honesuki Also adding 2 pocket Higo knives. Both blades measure 95-100mm with total length at 122mm. Friction is still firm and I may be able to dig up the boxes, no guarantees though. $40 - Black double bevel; I...
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    Takeda K-tip Gyuto 240 + AEB-L Honesuki

    Factory bevel and geometry on both. $350 - Takeda Classic Kiritsuke Gyuto in 240mm Purchased some time in 2012, used a handful of times and has only been touched up a few times lightly on fine stones. Original bevel is there still. Geometry from handle and tip view can be seen in album...
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    Knives for funds

    What's the middle knife in that second pic? The butcher knife from JNS?
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    Poly board for home use ... let's be real

    What about Ho or Hinoki boards? They come thinner and have been used in Japanese kitchens for ages.
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    Instant stock confessional.

    If I have time, I enjoy making it fresh but the difference for me between real stock and instant are the nutrients that come from cooking real ingredients, even if the flavor is comparable. That said, I actually tend to use instant quite often and my stocks actually come out costing quite a bit...
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    WTS Shapton Glass set, Takeda K-Gyuto; Honesuki

    $200 - Lightly used Shapton Glass Stone set 1k, 2k, 4k, 8k All in original boxes, well taken care of and recently flattened. $350 - Takeda Kiritsuke Gyuto 240mm Lightly used with original profile and has only been touched up. Has the desirable diamond profile geometry from his earlier...
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    Herb storage

    I can't say this works for all herbs/vegetables but its a trick I picked up as well. Herbs tend to do well stood up in water and last a long time but they lose punch. Vegetables on the other hand probably are losing nutrients but they do handle rolled up in newspaper fairly well. The extra...
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    Botched sharpening job? Pictures inside.

    The smaller knife looks like a mini kamagata usuba. I'm sure there's a specific name for the smaller knife but thats what it looks like off hand.
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    Which Staub Knob?

    The snail is so French haha. My vote would be fish then chicken but that Pepin knob is the nicest.
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    what are you drinking tonight?

    Not being a high dollar spirit drinker normally, I chanced on a bottle of Evan Williams given the reviews but am sorely disappointed. Bulleit is cheaper and actually tastes better in some respects to me. Buffalo Trace is still my favorite in this price bracket. Any similar suggestions in next...