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    WTB Watanabe pro or Toyama yanagiba + deba

    Looking for a 270mm or 300mm yanagiba and a 180mm deba. $200ish for the deba and $250ish for the yanagi, but that's flexible. Happy to pay a bit more for blue steel in the yanagi.
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    scratch uniformity issues with left side of knife

    Not the responses I was expecting! I'll give it a shot.
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    scratch uniformity issues with left side of knife

    I'm right handed and sharpen without switching hands. I'm a fairly confident sharpener at this point except for one thing: my scratch patterns on the left side of double-beveled knives are always uneven and don't look nearly as pretty as on the right side. I feel like a lot of this comes from...
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    Pork belly substitute

    Brisket would be the obvious choice in my mind. Maybe trimmed to be less thick and then treated exactly like you would the pork belly.
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    Whats cooking? **** Making something fine and fancy?** Just plain good? Show us!

    Lots of sushi lately. Getting better at it and found some good fish to work with. The browner rice is using akasu vinegar. Sorry for the intensely sized photos. buri nigiri buri nigiri (leaner cut) akami nigiri (rice looks mushy here, but it is the same batch as the two above)...
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    What're your current favorite knives? Here’re the faves of my rotation.

    Just a home cook, but a fairly serious one. Lately, my favorite/most used are: Toyama 210mm kasumi gyutou Tojiro DP 150mm honesuki Shigeharu 240mm yanagiba (really need something longer if I'm going to stay on this sushi kick) Gesshin 90mm paring Random ko deba from a shop in Nishiki
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    The Wok Shop.

    I ordered stuff from them online a number of years ago and had a really good experience, but haven't even been in person.
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    Mazaki knives, maxims newest line

    Put some sharpie on the bevel(s) and see what's going on!
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    Mazaki knives, maxims newest line

    Anyone have thoughts on the single bevels?
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    Stupid questions regarding katsuramuki and struggling with deba

    I've been casually practicing katsuramuki at home, and thought I'd jump on this thread rather than making a new one. I'm using a 180mm mukimono and wondered how people would compare that to using an usuba—does the relative shortness of the mukimono profile just make stability a little more...
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    New stones from Morihei in Tokyo

    I should have also noted that I got these two and a nice clean binsui for just over $100 US—a great deal to try out some new stones. I also had a great time trying to talk with the owner and his wife (I think) in my tiny bit of Japanese and their tiny bit of English. They were super welcoming...
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    New stones from Morihei in Tokyo

    Ah, that makes sense. Thanks.
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    New stones from Morihei in Tokyo

    Hey all. Was in Tokyo a few weeks ago and grabbed a couple small stones (more razor-sized, but big enough to use on knives—didn't feel like dropping a ton of cash or lugging bigger stones around the rest of the trip). Thought I'd post some pictures and show the finish on my toyama mukimono...
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    Learning Japanese, I think I'm learning Japanese, I really think so

    I'm using the Genki textbook and workbook and I also meet up with a native speaker I met through an online language exchange thing every week or two. Listening is definitely the most difficult aspect for me (other than Kanji, of...
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    Japan trip itinerary thoughts.

    Thanks for the thoughts and photos—that does look beautiful. I think Kyuushuu is going to have to wait til the next trip, but adding it to the ever-growing list.
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    EGGS. simple right?

    Tribute to the Arpege Egg. Shokupan egg in a hole.
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    Japan trip itinerary thoughts.

    Anyone have thoughts on going to Fukuoka vs. spending more time in smaller towns around Tokyo and Osaka? Anyone been there and loved it or would it feel like just another big city after tokyo/osaka?
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    Japan trip itinerary thoughts.

    I'd love to do some knife-related stuff (and will definitely shop, ha), but it seems like most of the production-related stuff is not very visitor friendly. Agree about the time not being enough :)
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    Japan trip itinerary thoughts.

    I know there have been some travel threads in the past, but I've read through them and thought it was worth posting a new one. I'm planning a 10-12 day trip to Japan for either mid-April or in the fall sometime. I've been twice before, just Tokyo once and Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara the...