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    Name that one most underrated knife

    Completely agree! I bought a hunting knife made by him a couple of years back as a gift when my dad turned sixty. Very impressive. Since then I've gotten the chance to test drive a 240 mm gyuto in R2 which performed great, and looked damn sexy and alluring while doing so. He never gets much...
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    Show your newest knife buy

    That blade looks impressive in so many ways, plus your second photo made me hungry right when I was going to bed damn it ..:goodjob:
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    Knife findings

    Yes that's what I meant. My 210 gyuto wedges pretty badly and has some weird grind issues. Parts of the blade performs OK on certain ingredients. The steel really stands out though. Love sharpening that knife!
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    Knife findings

    Looks like stamped vs hand chiseled kanji in your first picture. I'm so tempted to try another Munetoshi when I hear about how other users describe their knives compared to how mine performs. I agree with you though that it's the most impressive White #2 I've used yet.
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    Show your newest knife buy

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    Show your newest knife buy

    What maker is this?(for those of us less versed in the world of Honyaki awesomeness) Looks and sounds fantastic!
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    WTS Toyama iron-clad Dami 210 with custom handle

    Great job on that handle! I also like the subtle finger notch. GLWS
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    Tanaka Sekiso Wa to Yo handle conversion

    Judging by the top picture, you're two thirds of the way on the road to having a pretty badass halberd!
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    The Quest For The Holy Grind

    This has me at the edge of my seat.. People at home ask me "do you know how to sharpen knives?Cool!", and in some essence this is true. Make knife go cut cut pretty good for home users. However, whenever I see a post like this by @nutmeg, showing his procedures, skill, dedication, and his...
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    Ultimate knife?

    Edit: posted in the wrong place
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    Back to sharpening basics

    I'm exactly the opposite:). For me, sound is imperative, and the sensory modality I'm most accurate with when it comes to "feeling" whether I'm at the very apex, just behind, or slightly over.
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    Soaker stone 3-5K range

    I'm sorry, but this makes absolutely no sense at all. There are many varieties of soaking stones made for different steels and purposes. It's very clear that you have penchant for harder s&g stones, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be a little more nuanced and factual in your statements...
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    Soaker stone 3-5K range

    I know people who talk about "doping" their stones for abrasion resistant steels with very good effect apparently. I haven't tried this personally, but adding a few drops of a CBN or diamond paste/emulsion to a normal whetstone can produce very good results according to those people. The Rika is...
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    Stone Review Thread - 800 to 2000 Grit Synthetic Stones

    This might just be the best paragraph I've read on KKF...ever!:LOL: I really enjoyed your reviews, and appreciate the work you've put into them. It was also especially interesting to hear your thoughts on the SP 2k. This stone is so widely loved and celebrated on this forum as a kind of...
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    Horizontal swipes on onions are overrated

    Yeah, I hear you. That makes two of us:). Also, I'm no longer as fluent in English as I used to be, which probably adds a little extra confusion sometimes.
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    Horizontal swipes on onions are overrated

    Yes, I hoped it would be abundantly clear with the rhytmically advanced part, but perhaps I should have added an emoji of some sort. For the record, I like the EWS soundtrack too. Less can absolutely be more. I better stop now before I further derail the derailment of..;)
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    Horizontal swipes on onions are overrated

    I'm just guessing it was the same person who wrote the "Jaws" soundtrack. You can really hear his evolution as a composer. Still just two notes used, but so much more advanced rhythmically..
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    Carrot wedge test

    Uwe Mattern, is that the same Uwe that's known here as suntravel? That knife looks like a spectacular performer.
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    Horizontal swipes on onions are overrated

    Much appreciated man! Ajwain was that name I always forget..
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    Hyper vs deluxe king

    Yes I know, but with that particular one I had to spend a good 15-20 minutes with an Atoma to get through which was way beyond anything else I've tried.