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    WTB Oatley chef knife

    What size are you looking for?
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    Best Blue Steel Honyaki

    My favorite (and sadly only one left in my kit) is my Hide. I really do miss my Ittetsu (not blue though) and mizuno. There are some other great white steel ones too.
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    Well, I guess I now have to look up how to post a photo to show you I’m not joking. However, when it comes to knives, I feel like you should trust me haha...
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    I’m glad to see you still have that one. If you plan on letting go of any of those DT’s let me know. (I should get first dibs haha)
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    Shigefusa, Carter, Misono

    It's been a while since I've owned a shig... Must resist. Great looking knives, GLWS Anton!
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    mazaki knives

    I guess this past week. Started looking again a couple months ago but not that I actually have some time, I figured that I could start posting again haha.
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    mazaki knives

    Hey, no worries. Not sure it’s like wearing a shirt inside out but everyone has their own reasons. I just put it out there since I am a lefty and have had a severe gyuto obsession for about 10 years and owned lots of righty d handles. No tools or glue needed for most. Just takes a wood block. I...
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    mazaki knives

    Have you ever used a right handed D handle as a lefty? I dont find it to be an issue with a pinch grip on a gyuto. You can also try to flip the handle yourself. I’ve done in a few times before on knives in this ballpark where I didn’t want to pay for a handle upgrade. It worked well for me.
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    El Idea Chicago 12/16

    Alright, I am back from the dead and have been living in Chicago for 2 years so I figure I'll add a few that I think got missed on the lists. GT fish and oyster, Sunda (good food but kind of a scene), Fat Rice is a good option, Since you mentioned Donuts... Do-Rite donuts and Stan's are some...
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    270mm DT ITK leather sheath

    Congrats! Enjoy it.
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    Caring for a Japanese knife for normal people?

    I do agree with most of this things you said except for this. A normal steel will NOT cause ANY problems to a knife. Is it the best thing to use? No, not at all. Sharpening, stropping or a ceramic steel are all better options! But no, a traditional steel will not damage your knives in any...
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    Looking for a first gyuto, 200$ and below, 210mm hammered carbon steel

    I agree with the poster above that a Kochi is an awesome knife! Another great option is this one! It is in the for sale threads here and comes with a great custom handle on it.... -Chuck Edit: I noticed you put...
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    fantasy football league for knife knuts

    I am assuming you have not heard of Peyton Manning? Google him.. haha just kidding around. I had Cam Newton and also got Foles in free agency. My league was crazy... Brees was the 4th overall pick (by a SD fan). Seatle defense in the second round... Just a crazy draft. Looks like today could...
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    270mm DT ITK leather sheath

    Well this would be perfect for my knife! I'm in. Thanks Colin. -Chuck
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    My 1000th post butcher belt giveaway

    Man Colin, sounds great! I'm in! Thanks a lot for the giveaway. -Chuck
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    8 3/4" Mareko Maumasi "Chef's Knife"

    Awesome! Glad to hear you like it! I hope to hear an update about your opinion on the knife in a little while. One question. Just for other people as well... The choil shot on the rader is a bit misleading right? On my raders it has that upswept part to make it look real thick from the...
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    Gyuto 210 narrow down/rec

    Bahamaroot, do you own all of those knives? I have not heard any reviews of three of those knives.. I think the Hiro AS is a pretty good option for a starting knife but it is western handled. For wa-handled knives... JKI has a new budget knife that I got to look at when I was at the store...
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    My 1000th post butcher belt giveaway

    Colin, Looks awesome. I'm in! Hope things go well with the new job! -Chuck
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    Show your newest knife buy

    Jimbob, glad to hear you got one of the k tip gyutos! I love mine and use it very frequently. I am excited to hear your opinion! The tip is insanely thin and is an amazing cutter! Enjoy it! -Chuck
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    I have been thinking about buying that one for a year! Man.. Such a cool knife! If it was a little longer I would have caved a while ago haha. Hope you enjoy it! Would love to hear some thoughts on this one. -Chuck