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  1. Kippington

    What Do You Do For A Living?

    Wow... I'm an uneducated brute compared to you guys. Dropped out of high school and ended up cooking over the next 15 years - one of the places was a fine-dining restaurant. At the very least I got my qualifications for that. Making knives now.
  2. Kippington

    Passaround: Kippington Chevron Hook Grind

    Yep! That's exactly the kind of thing that made me come up with this grind, while I was still working in a pro kitchen... that and things like sliced tomatoes. People said to just use the tip of the knife because the edge is closer to the spine there. Instead, I brought the 'spine' down close to...
  3. Kippington

    Passaround: Kippington Chevron Hook Grind

    Awesome! Thanks for the review! Reflecting on what you said about the weight, I agree and find this particular knife too tip heavy, which is understandably affecting the way many of us are using it (it slows movement down a bit). I wasn't too worried about that when I started the passaround...
  4. Kippington

    Loyalty test

  5. Kippington

    Big sale on lump charcoal

    I forge with the stuff. Wish I could find some cheap around my neck of the woods...
  6. Kippington

    Knife findings

    A pizza cutter strikes me as one of those things that I'd want to be stainless. The last thing you want to do after slicing a piping hot pizza is head over to the sink and try washing the cheese off the spinny thing. It's fun to sharpen them on a high speed belt grinder... :p
  7. Kippington

    Passaround: Kippington Chevron Hook Grind

    Looking forward to your review!
  8. Kippington

    Laser gyuto in pro kitchens

    I have found the solution
  9. Kippington

    Laser gyuto in pro kitchens

    Hammering and grinding are both loud enough to piss the neighbours off. Grinding is more consistent, like the background sound you get while sitting on a plane. Hammering is like the crying baby a few rows back.
  10. Kippington

    Laser gyuto in pro kitchens

    Yep. Okay, you seem to have a good idea of hardness and toughness. What we're getting into here is another thing: strength. Strength is about the behaviour of solid objects under stresses and strains. Lets say you have two pieces of 52100 steel rod (rod A and rod B). Both of them have been...
  11. Kippington

    Laser gyuto in pro kitchens

    Well it's all relative. I mean, there's a good reason why it all exists on a scale. Wear resistant lasers are pretty awesome, but also the ease of sharpening a 60-62 HRC laser cannot be ignored. As for toughness, it almost dictates the thinness behind the edge of a laser. Knowing what the knife...
  12. Kippington

    Laser gyuto in pro kitchens

    Nah don't bother. There's more that goes into a power hammer than you might think. New workspace outta the 'burbs Reinforced floor Appropriate forge Power-hammer $$$
  13. Kippington

    Laser gyuto in pro kitchens

    This thread is making realise there'd probably be a lot of love out there for thin grinds, but with thicker spines near the handle. If I had a power hammer, I could smash these out so cheap and fast...
  14. Kippington

    Knife Tatoo

    Inspired by Adam Savage, I want a tattoo on my arm that has measurements for 180, 210, 240 and 270mm. As a maker, it would help out so much...
  15. Kippington

    Forgecraft project: Asymmetric convex

    That's damn sexy...
  16. Kippington

    Good non stick fry pan

    I made a clip of frying some eggs to show the results I get on stainless. I didn't bother editing any of the video, so you can skip to 4:30 to see the end results - everything prior to that is only included just to prove I didn't pre-cook the eggs on a different pan or something. Near the end of...
  17. Kippington

    Good non stick fry pan

    Not mine, thankfully. I've learned from other people's mistakes.
  18. Kippington

    Good non stick fry pan

    It turns out that Teflon (at a high temperature) breaks down into nasty gases that destroys the lungs of parrots - I'm talking death within a few minutes - and it's not so crash hot for humans either. Also, Google "Teflon Baby". I don't like to use the stuff. And besides, I can get really good...
  19. Kippington

    A Basic Explanation of Asymmetry

    Left-handed people get charged a devils tax It's only fair, you guys are so damn good at everything...