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  1. Matt Zilliox

    SOLD Shi.Han Custom 210mm, W2/Iron clad

    Bumed i missed this
  2. Matt Zilliox

    WTS JNAT Sell-off. Okunomon, Takashima, Takitani, Kizuyama, 2x Shobudani

    i would think any of them, but the shobudanis especially
  3. Matt Zilliox

    WTB Yanick Puig - gyuto, petty, nakiri - pretty open

    then its for me, haha, or marc up there i guess, but me really
  4. Matt Zilliox

    Loyalty test

    man, i recently took off the top of my fingernail passing the knife from one hand to the other, the heel just grazed the top of my nail, and instead of hesitating, the blade was so sharp it just cut everything off before i knew it happened. crazy. first time thats happened, i rarely cut myself
  5. Matt Zilliox

    Just some Gyutos ....

    you win
  6. Matt Zilliox

    Milan Gravier Gyuto Passaround

    Seeing as i nearly bought it, im in
  7. Matt Zilliox

    WTB Kiridashi for polish testing

    you dont want to sell me that bazes?
  8. Matt Zilliox

    WTB Kiridashi for polish testing

    Im looking for something sooner rather than later to be honest, budget flexible. i do have one or 2 commissions coming eventually, but im not sure when. It doesnt need to be too fancy, it just needs to have iron and carbon steel for testing contrast on stones.
  9. Matt Zilliox

    WTB Kiridashi for polish testing

    Hello KKF, Im looking for one or 2 kiridashi for testing stones and polishing practice. looking for iron cladding for contrast please. if it can also carve out wood, even better. Thanks
  10. Matt Zilliox

    Greetings from Oregon

    welcome from southern oregon!
  11. Matt Zilliox

    Show your newest knife buy

    a few new to the kitchen here: Tanaka 225mm wide bevel gyuto, The Nine 235mm honyaki , Heldqvistmide 260mm gyuto
  12. Matt Zilliox

    J-Nat Club

    so hot
  13. Matt Zilliox

    Hand-forged integral paring knife from rudder bearing

    wow, wanna come teach me to forge, haha
  14. Matt Zilliox

    Show your work! Uchigumori and co...

    wow, patience and a great end product. well done there. you really took some time to remove the scratches
  15. Matt Zilliox

    Some hand made sayas I have recently finished.

    When you get wood at the store, are you buying the correct thickness? or buying planks and thinning them on a bandsaw or something?? id like to try this.
  16. Matt Zilliox

    Best blend of beauty and performance in a Gyuto ?

    This Bazes for me, its my best cutter and one of the best lookers.
  17. Matt Zilliox

    New Knife

    mine has a d handle and is really comfy to use, so theres 3...
  18. Matt Zilliox

    Show your newest knife buy

    whew, glad it worked out in the end
  19. Matt Zilliox

    SOLD Mikawa Tenjyou Nagura