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  1. Viggetorr

    Cleaver kit to become a cleaver guy

    Having recently acquired a CCK 1303 and using little else since then, I'll be following this thread. gcsquared, what is the weight of your cleavers? It would be interesting to get a little perspective on what you consider mid-weight, light weight etc.
  2. Viggetorr

    Yoshihiro AS 210mm Gyuto

    Nah. Don't come in to work if you can work at home, don't travel between major cities, don't have get togethers etc etc. Biggest difference from other coutries is that the authorities don't enforce these rules by force - the system is based on individual accountability.
  3. Viggetorr

    Yoshihiro AS 210mm Gyuto

    If you're willing to go up 15 bucks I think the one linked below would be a fantastic choice. Kurouchi (which you seem to like), same vendor and a maker that seems to be held in very high regard...
  4. Viggetorr

    Yoshihiro AS 210mm Gyuto

    Looks like a good choice. Not familiar with it personally though, but will very likely be a significant step up from your Wusthof & Shun!
  5. Viggetorr

    WTS Everything Must Go!

    Us europeans do too. :)
  6. Viggetorr

    Salt in the burgers

    It probably has to do with the amount of times the mince is salted before ending up in the pan. Longer wait between salting and frying should result in more sausage-like texture. Anywways, Kenjis reasoning is sound. There really is no sound reason to salt in advance.
  7. Viggetorr

    Salt in the burgers

    Luckily, someone did: Salting Ground Beef | The Burger Lab ;)
  8. Viggetorr

    SOLD Yoshikane Hakata Santoku 165mm

    Sent you a PM. :)
  9. Viggetorr

    1st Chinese Cleaver advice

    Yeah, a 1000 grit stone is all you'll need for a CCK 1303 or 1302. I use a Shapton Glass 1000, sharpens in no time at all. The steel is relatively soft, so going higher in grits doesn't really seem meaningful to me.
  10. Viggetorr

    1st Chinese Cleaver advice

    I was in you exact position a few months ago, and ended up buying a CCK 1303. I'm VERY happy with it and can whole heartedly recommend it. Very easy to sharpen as well. Cost me about 100 USD all in all. My post: First chinese cleaver
  11. Viggetorr

    Carrot wedge test

    Shut up, Meg. :)
  12. Viggetorr

    mazaki knives

    Looks like one of the earlier batcher, with a more santoku-ish profile. He transitioned away from that profile pretty quickly, but I know some people on here would pay extra to get one of those in KU. ;)
  13. Viggetorr

    mazaki knives

    Haha, that is odd! Regarding the spine my migaki (white) also is very nicely rounded. People tend to throw around the opinion that Mazakis are unrefined. I actually think that only applies to the area below the shinogi line - the rest is really visually appealing to me.
  14. Viggetorr

    mazaki knives

    Interesting, thanks for sharing! Almost looks a little Kagekiyo-ish there on the first photo, finish wise.
  15. Viggetorr

    "Really gotta raise some cash"

    I think it's largely bull. Every other thread on BST there's someone commenting like "too bad *random excuse* or I would be all over this".
  16. Viggetorr

    mazaki knives

  17. Viggetorr

    WTS Konosuke cleaver chuka full custom

    Beautiful! Spine and choil shots? :)
  18. Viggetorr

    I use my stones to flatten my stones. Is this a bad idea?

    As in, you start losing material from the flat stone as the one that is not flat eats out of the flat one until they're both flat? I'm a home user, and use my stones at most once a month. Is the loss of stone going to be significant enough to really matter? That looks like a great option...
  19. Viggetorr

    I use my stones to flatten my stones. Is this a bad idea?

    I have three stones, all Shapton Glass: 220, 1000 and 6000. I use the 220 to flatten the 1000, and the 1000 to flatten the 6000. It seems to work well to achieve flat stones, but my concern is that it will shorten the life of the stones. Is my concern justified? If so, is it the "flatteting...
  20. Viggetorr

    First chinese cleaver

    Tru-oil it is, thanks guys. :)